Wang Lihong will borrow sing transition music inspiration to come from Cui Jian
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Wang Lihong will borrow sing transition music inspiration to come from Cui Jian (graph)
Wang Lihong

Li Jiajie of reporter of □ evening paper reports

Late on October 18, wangli grand

Musical inspiration comes from Cui Jian

Wang Lihong expresses, change to rock and roll wind also is out a kind at him traitorous: "Wrote 5 songs for the Olympic Games this year, some be bored with, and rocking and roll is can convey a heart directly most the musical form of true opinion. " and a in new special " I manage completely without any reason you " , it is him in excellent program of choosing of an ancient form of acupuncture " poisonous tongue " commissioner and make, "Inside very decent libretto, those who include is a few open to question society phenomena however, this is the opinion that I write music. This is the opinion that I write music..

Wang Lihong discloses, the inspiration of many work in special comes from at Cui Jian: "His compose and match implement the distinguishing feature that very much Chinese style rocks and roll, qu Feng also is his flavour, I cannot hear the possibility completely clear the words of song that he sings, but the music for voices in a Chinese opera that likes him very much, especially the sort of added ethical music wind. " he what want to invite Cui Jian to cooperate all the time expresses, the music that hears Cui Jian is friend introduction only, two people have not seeks a range, this also became his wish.

Edition of guard against theft more character

Nowadays, the singer is new piece had not issued divulge not curious, it is hype method or market are non-standard, controversy is ceaseless. And be about to send piece Wang Lihong says frankly to this, oneself are very careful. "Had not issued special, new song is seen on the network smooth, this is very great harm to the singer. " Wang Lihong groan says, such " abnormal " transmission power already exceeded pilfer edition. "As resemble me such singer, it is producer, I most those who care is character issue. " Wang Lihong all through the ages takes acoustic quality seriously most, he says emission special is complete work, of special MV film, musical acoustic quality, be multimedia appear. But travel through the network, a lot of be compressed, the format is Protean also, acoustic quality assures completely without method. "Hand of this singing in antiphonal style, artistic to esteem person is inequitable, also cannot accept. Also cannot accept..

It is in order to issue record " iron rice bowl-a secure job " the problem that record company's afraid nature is sale, wang Lihong expresses, the person of record industry worries about pilfer edition previously, and nowadays pilfer edition already was not the biggest question, everybody can download freely through the network, to record company it is a deathblow more. He makes an example with the concert even: "My concert wants all over the world itinerate, if everybody can see on the network, so I had left, dare not perform again to other place. Dare not perform again to other place..
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