Sea of S.H.E, flywheel: Support Meng Niu together with us please acerbity acerbi
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Late on September 30, the China of concert climb a hill that a starlight brights breeds, in Huhhot 40 thousand person stadium are performed grandly, this is by Meng Niu acerbity acerbity breast brings " • of sea of S.H.E, flywheel dreams I am done advocate " first show of countrywide itinerate concert. Next a month, s.H.E and flywheel sea are returned will go to this happy storm-zone in succession Hangzhou, Taiyuan, Fuzhou, Jinan and Shenzhen.

For this concert, star people it may be said hammer and tongs. 40 thousand song confusing that visits site of Huhhot stadium show had favour to see S.H.E new special first " my broadcasting station " show of edition of Live of the mid purpose that divide music, include Meng Niu song of advertisement of theme of acerbity acerbity breast " acid is sweet " . And flywheel sea is practicing secretly all the time " secret stunt " -- musical talent show also appearances eventually appear, let all songs confuse big favor worthy trip.

Arrive from the Dai Yan of the beginning of the year the concert nowadays, with " Meng Niu acerbity acid breeds " thorough contact of near one year makes two big groups confident to its. Ella says, "After milk powder incident happens, we also are holding high attention to acerbity acerbity breast all the time, in seeing its sampling observation in inland, Hong Kong and Singapore full certificate of proof, we are very glad really. " meanwhile, s.H.E and flywheel sea express consistently still: "This countrywide make one's rounds acts is a concert it is Meng Niu sea of acerbity acerbity breast, S.H.E, flywheel and the joint agreement that all songs confuse, so we use the effort of 100% show redound supports us to each, the song that supports Meng Niu acerbity acid to breed is confused. So we use the effort of 100% show redound supports us to each, the song that supports Meng Niu acerbity acid to breed is confused..

"In this hour, the accredit of sea of S.H.E, flywheel, consumer and government is arrogant to cheating it is greatest encourage. " Bai Ying of general manager of department of career of grandma of fluid of vice president of group of trade of unconscious ox milk, normal temperature says, "Acerbity acerbity breast always devotes oneself to Meng Niu to offer health and pleasure for the youth through product and music. Henceforth, we can continue to father to accuse quality canal, not disappoint everybody's accredit. " during the festival, the reporter visited a few big business to exceed, the member that pass sales promotion understands, the sale that includes the of all kinds dairy produce that acid of unconscious ox acid breeds inside has picked up gradually, people is in to the confidence of ethical milk industry get warm again after a cold spell.

"Oath has health and joy after all! " -- this is S.H.E and flywheel sea bovine sick at heart is covered in Daiyan the common commitment that at the beginning of acid breeds, makes. S.H.E and flywheel sea send word to broad song to confuse: "No matter today, still did not come, this acceptance is changed anything but. Confuse for each songs, we can make greater efforts, cheer for us please! For Meng Niu acerbity acerbity breast is cheered! "
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