Heat investigation: You how look upon phenomenon of blowout of 11 music division
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Success of division of the music that confuse flute is renascent

Item of fashionable sky music is hot all the more

Division of music of lakefront of Chongqing dragon water fall out with sb of 30 thousand people

Sina music dispatch this year " 11 golden weeks " around, musical division blossom everywhere, division of the music that confuse flute (Beijing) , division of boreal Europe music (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) , division of fashionable sky music (Beijing) , " knight Shanghai " international of lakefront of division of musical division, music of Xiamen channel beach, Chongqing Longshui camps music. The blowout of musical division, not only let happy confuse benefit, still obtain media more to pay close attention to. Confuse a solitary form of pipe music division before be being compared a few years, musical division is the closest two years of it may be said are vibrant, as this year " 11 " blowout, evidence shows, musical division next year will have new flight. It is sina recreational small investigation below, ask everybody to come " musical division " express state.