Force of new song labor needs sex appeal of first try of the photo that bend rai
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The singer that sina music question takes melting course all the time bends raise, recently together Qiao Xiaoqiao of famous modelling division filmed for some magazine together a group of sexy photo, ever cooperated with Fan Bingbing for many times before little bridge of modelling division tall, this so Qu Yang's modelling overturned completely before lovely figure.

Of the magazine film the place was in Beijing surely 10 cross scene region, the film also is here " Chibi " of exterior film the ground is nodded, because major setting needs to demolish, before so the magazine is driven in all setting to demolish, filmed this group of photo.

The near future that bend raise busies all the time oneself are new of the song make, the song goes to newest odd Qu Congxuan to record canopy finally is Qu Yang relative strength is in person, she also hopes to be in before long everybody can hear this song.