Smooth fine affliction stimulates protruding problem Ceng Xiangzhang Hui Mei bor
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Sina recreation message does not think stimulating protruding is the awkward scene that the schoolgirl just can encounter only. Attending Open Studio a few days ago " the concert that be like rainbow " when, smooth fine exposes to the sun oneself oneself stimulate protruding to get very serious, ever still had borrowed a bosom to stick with Zhang Huimei, carry now.

   Prep according toWang Lihong The concert shows a bosom

Smooth fine of the Open Studio on a few days ago " the concert that be like rainbow " when speak of the concert of Taipei of first time of small gigantic egg November 15, although this is the last station of his itinerate concert, but his dress will have been done afresh. As to dress measure, smooth fine says to be with the measure of Wang Lihong concert for fun fiducial, wang Lihong shows right bosom, he is used next this one month drills well the body, also show a bosom to look to song confusing on the concert.

  Stimulate protruding too apparent adhesive plaster fills a bosom to stick

Smooth fine exposes to the sun oneself again oneself bosom is more special, average man student stimulates protruding rarely, but he stimulates protruding to get however very serious, when wearing lighter jacket especially, can see far " at 2 o'clock " . Attend business to act to inland once, he stimulates protruding because of him discovery too serious, and must start to talk to borrow a bosom to stick with Zhang Huimei. Smooth fine says, a Mei is very open-eyed at the beginning, after the situation stimulating protruding that sees him later, also express self-identity, because did not take a bosom,be stuck however and be forced to find out adhesive plaster to borrow him to solve a problem temporarily. Because had the experience that does not borrow a bosom to stick that time, smooth fine is flat now carry a bosom to stick. Saying, smooth fine was opened knapsack, take out a packet of bosom to stick as expected. JZB/ article