Side cropland embraces hot younger sister to heat up dance Saturday sing move di
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Cropland of side of sina recreation fast " Air Justin Live 08 " Hong Kong concert connected 7 in Hong Kong to 7 days on October 1, field field explodes full! Yang Qian 嬅 , Wei Lan, Liang Hanwen, Fang Lishen, Gu Juji all show up support. Modelling of cropland of this concert side is changeful your person is dazzling, and the spot is mixed hot younger sister of many sex appeal is close-fitting hot dance with sth in one's hands, bring so that full-court song confuses mad boiling. Regard this second Hong Kong as the continuance of the concert, guangzhou jumped over beautiful hill stadium on October 11, the cropland of side field sky 08 concerts, certainly will is hot come on stage. The cropland concert of side field sky will play arena vision effect greatly, side cropland falls from edifice flying body come on the stage means and add up to high accuracy LED, the plane model that still has the cropland theme that agrees with a sky is waited a moment, give the audience of the spot the biggest surprise and unapproachable visual impact.

Side cropland gives path weak point 3 years, already held a concert twice early or late, roll out 4 pieces of special, the individual new special that he just rolls out " A Tian " ovation, special advocate play fast song " not was defeated " will make public a show first on the concert. Dancing also is the one big hotspot of this field concert, for this sing, side cropland practices hard dancing, the spot besides jump greatly with a flock of sexy female DANCER outside hot body dance, side cropland still will grow leg belle to lie between with mystery empty in all dance.

Cropland concert of the sky holds the position of musical chief inspector by heart of eulogy of thunder of famous music person, spot band presents as leading role to carry program by Chan Liwen of elder brother of guitar JOEY Deng Jianming, leopard. The sound equipment of concert will be duplicate the device of a complete set of that Zhang Xueyou make one's rounds performed last year, the sound equipment of world center adds unapproachable arena vision to pound the effect, this field concert is worth wide audience to expect really. As we have learned, the cropland of side field sky 08 Guangzhou concert the ticket of 150 yuan of par value has made work exhaust, 250 yuan are mixed 350 yuan of par value only beyond a few, booking office is quite hot.