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Queen of heaven of Japan of sina recreation dispatch bank the with Ai Hui record president loose riverside gets the better of a person mouth-to-mouth kiss 9 years ago takes Qi step exposure. The newest first phase that print gives a picture " BUBKA " monthly magazine explodes makings, " FLASH " weekly was published in March those who go out they are moved according to Ceng Hong intimately temporarily, they also have this piece of kiss to illuminate at that time, but because Ai Hui is applied,be pressed and not print goes out. This print points out, song Puzhen is angry, distrustful company went inside thief, discharge data hits reason accident bank Qi pace, already gave orders thorough is checked.

" BUBKA " report, bank the close kiss of Qi pace and Song Pu is illuminated photograph Spring 1999, two people secret interacts at that time, film the place is in Home Song Pu. They are wearing kiss of sweethearts outfit, mouth-to-mouth in the photograph, beside although have other friend, do not block thick love however.

Bank Qi pace was exploded in March ever lived together with Song Pu, in August " Friday " weekly publishs she and photography company staff considerably " penetralia Kiss photograph " , publish media printed sheet this time with Song Pu again. Message personage says, song Pu be furious, he thinks to explode a chain ofly expecting is somebody painstakingly pace of blow bank Qi, suspect a photograph to be poured out of extremely likely by Ai Hui interior, swear the thief inside uncover. JZB/ civil