Happy judge: The amative philosophic theory of Yue Xia of listen respectfully ta
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Sit in the night with cold chilly alone, sit in the street edge that the last time and you chat, the memory glide brain of dribs and drabs: Feel wronged and act rashly part company, flaunt one's superiority say me must happy. Propping up oneself hard then: Although sad also should play the part of not care a cent. Till that day, very long the first time later chats straight-outly, you tell me one beside she new appears in you. Before leaving last word, you say you love me. Be stupefied me over, walk out of my line of sight till your back, the double key point that just yielded tear to sweep across me... later, hear you pull a hand no longer, know you love me, however we are each other are missed eventually, a few years of after this, I can use memory to prop up my to spend one day another day only. "I can maintain the night that does not have you not to say good-bye for you to tomorrow " .

Love makes a person actuation, even someone says love let a person do not have intelligence quotient, then two adult are together, always can make babyish mistake however: Feel wronged and act rashly each other like the child, like the child refus is agonistic... just, the child became poor can come again from the beginning, and what adult loses often is his very important happiness.

" actually joyless " it is a talented woman after Yue Xia autograph makes an appointment with Hua Yi of newest EP advocate play a song, established the theme of new special love. This song creates a general term for ci and qu by herself, the personal experience that uses oneself and most the deepest painful, tell song confusing: The girl in love must the joy that openness must face him heart and joyless, straight-out meeting makes love simple and abiding. This advocate play a song, communicated most the mainest love philosophy.

The song of summer of talented woman high mountain every capital is her make meticulously, can discover after iteration listen respectfully, a kind of thing can bump the heart, produce resonance with his idea, worth hearing for many times. She is exquisite, have the voice of penetration, take on one sadness, it is by the side of ear in a low voice chant, be like a voice that from oneself the bottom of the heart gives fully, in him narrate bottom of the heart most the truest feeling. " actually joyless " have many harmony, listen to the numerous resonance that will be caused with respect to the singing place of summer of seem high mountain.

Hearing this song, you will be not own think of A Sang " loneliness is singing " , it is a woman is lone alone chant, however " lonely " however too sadness, if you like sadness likewise, do not like again however by " lonely " resemble derivatively " black on Sunday " the word of same mood, listen to Yue Xia then this " actually joyless " , you can discover a kind accumulate containing beautiful brand-new sadness.

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