Disc big fight is about to detonate a singer to go out piece play a part to act
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How does other singer go out action?

The day sold in May " foolish person " spirit

The 7th piece of special after the day rolled out their Cheng Jun by October in May " work 7 " , colonel strange animal describes new special to be " accomplish 5 people to explode liver " painstaking effort work. " work 7 " defer half an year just finishs recording, issue date also changed 4 times, let at the outset acceptance " accomplish first-class talent to issue " , " make period abysmal line " regret having done sth of record company high level, stamp his foot urgently.

Of the first exposure advocate play a song, it is song of the language austral Fujian " odd day " . This also is the first song that special writes, since the day went 9 years in May, the delegate never changes " foolish person " spirit. They insist to want to search to spell the effort that go down together with everybody, face the depression after economic sea howl together.

Wang Lihong new song gives poisonous tongue evaluation

Wang Lihong is in " MUSIC-MAN " when world tour concert, sing new song " rock and roll how! ! " , first " divulge " the music of new special.

Like to play Chinese and Western the Wang Lihong of amalgamative music, use the stand facing each other of electric guitar and lute this, created Chinese type to rock and roll new song " rock and roll how! ! " . When kinescope of the music that make, wang Lihong show went out " landscape splash-ink " guitar -- he is special ask person specially assigned for a task to make, spent 3 months to just be finished, let this cost 300 thousand money (about 10 thousand 5000 new yuan) guitar of report of landscape splash-ink picture, sending out thick Chinese wind flavour.

Allegedly, the new special that the end of the year issues has a song " I manage completely without any reason you " , it is to give evaluation of golden music award and the poisonous tongue evaluation that pick beautiful game; " love decently " cause the outside a lot of associate, because there is in libretto " I have savour but not be Gay " , he says: "The meaning is conveyed very clearly " , but the aspirations that does not wish to confirm this is oneself.

MC HotDog " scold " " hand-hold portable telephone of put together art "

Issued on October 17 " about the same gentleman " in, MC HotDog borrows new song " I became mad " , call-over beguiling program " hand-hold portable telephone of put together art " . Hot dog once the boy or girl friend that choke passes, calculate casually one grow string, forest annals Ling

Nevertheless, he also " explanation " say: "What I point to is that phase tired out oneself, carry " hand-hold portable telephone of put together art " , because this is index sex program. " but if let him choose, he would rather go up before him also choke passes " I love black difficult conference " and do not go up " hand-hold portable telephone of put together art " , former by be " simple, it is good to hit dozen of wind. It is good to hit dozen of wind..
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