" King Of The Road " : Arrive from highway of life eulogize
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Huang Yaoming is the alien in happy altar of Hong Kong popularity all the time, no matter its stand before camera lens every time piece modelling, or him those from " Da Mingyi is sent " begin have not " popular song " musical work. The 3rd day of National Day holiday, those who discovered two years he is long-unseen is brand-new special " King Of The Road " , feeling particularly surprise, no matter be him,that weird all the more new model, theme that still voices in this piece of disc is mixed content -- it is a concept with highway, communicate each pictures on road of means of livilihood giving a person.

Piece advocate make work " wide difficult highway " , the text that sings special noisy at the beginning " highway " , can discover in the words of song that writes from Zhou Yaohui, that needs from what Hong Kong leads to Guangzhou of the road of classics endless, and come-and-go the mood of the person on this road, "Towards you again far also go getting, a lot of rare will get... " additional, the element of rustic music also is " wide difficult highway " one large window, after all, this is the Huang Yaoming that always cannot leave coquettish, luxuriant electron primary colors before the color that delicacy has an attempt, concise, fresh air, have even so returned uncut jade to return to feel really. Next " be mortally afraid of death " , also continued this simple sense, clean guitar accompanies in, huang Yaoming uses singing " highway " changeover goes to this subject matter " life journey " in content. Those who describe illness and death " be mortally afraid of death " , "Huge crowd of people " the fear that Chen Haofeng faces everybody death is depicted delicately, and vivid, liang Jijue added many electronic element in melody, in be permeated with elegant the music for voices in a Chinese opera that the Huang Yaoming in the note of breath has coquetry extremely appears weird and attractive.

Though this is one Zhang Yi " highway " the special that is a concept, but inside the content that has partial work, can answer in putting the life, probably inside " road " the concept is two kinds with respect to cent, one kind is daily walking road, and another kind is the road that timeline is spent to life... allude with respect to as above face " be mortally afraid of death " . Of Huang Yaoming compose " restful bell " the work that also is this kind of subject matter, through adorn on the old person body of Hong Kong " restful bell " . The angle that will describe is the flimsy life of white hair old person. Many voice was added inside chorally, will foil the singing that Huang Yaoming shows Depingshi, try to be unique still have go all out those who stick amid is many " ding " , " second hand has delimited " phonic effect, will highlight " restful bell " song theme. Depict middleaged person " the aureola on your head " , the libretto it may be said that Lin Xi fills in is to appear essence of life is clever, interesting, it is the bald-headed vexed metaphor of very much middleaged man what appear in libretto " halo " , " Mediterranean " , also fine ground will " gorgeous have beauty infinite " will generalize piece belong to " middleaged " mood. "20 " be a few years ago, huang Yaoming is performed in arena " M garden " when has sung old song, write the account that puts this work into this piece of special again, can discover from inside libretto among them, because inside the the best, most precious phase in the life of the record -- young, it is a lot of people that had taken this one stage somewhat resonant song. The infiltration of many electronic element, will " 20 " the good time that records is behaved bonnily and strange unreal, as if of life in a state of excitement flashy after 20 years after walking along adolescence, " green " assimilate to " an illusion " the strange unreal like, the person after letting closely 20 years goes be being written down closely.
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