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" demon outstanding "

Zhou Jielun is reincarnate and antic charmer

Send a date: On October 15

Sell a site: Magic dreamy glamour

Expect an index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Zhou Jielun plays magic play addiction, flat enter magic area music, because look in him, "Music and magic, the language that is mystery " , name of reason new special " demon outstanding " . Capricorn card of unreal of dozens of Zhou Dong is big in new special demon, reincarnate and antic charmer, more first degrees of attempt " antic sootiness makeup " , modelling ghosts is mysterious.

In new work, one is written only magic, also have a song that writes clown only, two songs still disclose charmer and choke of antic wonderful each other. First advocate hit " rice is aromatic " it is Zhou Jielun lends childhood the past, to experience catastrophic person continues to live the force that go down.

Zhou Jielun says: "In one's childhood very envy lives in the country child, door mouth is planted at that time awn fruiter, when home Lian Qin, can see through the window adjoining neighbour turns over a wall to steal mango. My that moment is very mischievous, ever caught big abdomen fish in flood channel, throw ditch not carefully, come back to be made fun of to because too great too heavy gift can fall into the head,be by mom. These the memory when, it is me the creation of this song is inspirational. It is me the creation of this song is inspirational..

He decides to choose " rice is aromatic " as the first advocate play a song, "After all me also 30 years old, take the advantage of influential still now force, want to exhaust bit of power for the society more. Want to exhaust bit of power for the society more..

Coordinate the activity of purchase in advance of special, each old record travel all is given " demon outstanding diamonds " , it is Zhou Jielun's photograph on four sides, two sides is totemic design. Interesting is, should making full range originally is by Zhou Jielun the photograph of a piece of face spells the 9 palace case that give, the technique that employs magic diamonds because of worrying about everybody is bad and the face that lets Zhou Jielun scatters each, then each 9 palace case uses 9 pieces of his same pictures to make.

  " land "

Lin Junjie is become of A Sa " lover "

Send a date: On October 18

Sell a site: With the musical scintilla of A Sa

Expect an index: ★ ★ ★

New special of Lin Junjie of this locality singer " land " sell a site greatly, it is to follow Twins

Lin Junjie hopes new special gives authority a kind very primitive very comfortable, pure and fresh feeling, so Qu Feng can take lyric song, " small dimple " it is a melting men and women antistrophic love song.

As to new model, everybody can see Lin Junjie performs A Sa temporarily " lover " figure of fashionable office worker.

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