Disc big fight is about to detonate a singer to go out piece play a part to act
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The disc big fight of the end of the year of sina recreation dispatch is about to detonate, zhoujie human relations

Singer besides deduce music to be made newly severally, interesting is, a few in modelling respect, happen to coincide play a part to act; On musical style, also have distinguishing feature each. See these singers go out together piece, how to go out action?

Zhou Jielun is reincarnate and antic charmer, s.H.E changes broadcasting station announcer, lin Junjie became A Sa " male friend " , pan Jiali is spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else more reach high princess for lovely betweenmaid, spruce nurse. Although consumer still listens temporarily,be less than their all new song, but their new model with many colorful appearance, had comparatived dazzing.

Musical respect, s.H.E should send happy electric wave, blow tellurian is vexed; Zhou Jielun is written magic the song with clown; The day encouraged everybody to struggle in May, those who hold to oneself " odd day " ; Does Wang Lihong rock and roll with Chinese type ask " rock and roll how? " ; Lin Junjie returns to primitive music, take lyric wind; Pan Jiali inverting " natural cruel " style.

Besides afore-mentioned singers, other and provisional send in the end of the year piece the singer still includes contented 喆

In the time of disc market depression, see these record together, with what means break out of an encirclement, what sell a site.

" my broadcasting station FM S.H.E "

S.H.E is become happy advocate sow and " aerial darling "

Send a date: On September 23

Sell a site: The woman is become self-improvement

Sell gas: ★ of ★ ★ ★

S.H.E escape follows his singer confront the tough with toughness, take the lead in rolling out new special by last month " my broadcasting station FM S.H.E " , be advisability lift.

New special concept hopes to send the happy electric wave of S.H.E, blow tellurian is vexed, because this is used " broadcasting station " gout gimmick packs pieces of whole special, s.H.E is " happy advocate sow " .

Many song transmit hope and joy, for instance by Lin Xi of compose a poem to a given tune of ci " I love trouble " , teach everybody study to not be afraid of trouble; In case insomnia, can listen lyric " moon hand is plunged into " quiet mood; Frustrated and when be lovelorn, by Zhou Jielun the song of compose a poem to a given tune of ci of music music, Selina can let you " quiet " .

It is those who highlight them to grow, special has many " the woman is become self-improvement " the work that gives priority to a problem, beauty of cantabile eulogy nature is the most beautiful " cosmic young lady " , and encourage be lovelorn the schoolgirl continues to pursue happiness bravely " the girl is become self-improvement " .

On modelling, cent restores ancient ways reach future to feel two kinds of styles. S.H.E wears the dress of style restoring ancient ways with bright-coloured color, taking small-sized and loud fair, emit a happy electric wave; Receive sensation future to feel for expression, s.H.E besides " aerospace " outside dress, still added hyperbole to deliver quality on the hair, plus aerial.
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