Kanye West of Hip-Hop giant star is about to detonate Beijing Xi to breath out a
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  Pool efforts of group of super and luxurious band holds Weisite in both hands the vision is gluttonous Chinese audience is very see what one has never seen before

Regard the whole world as most resounding troupe, "The night is strange brightness brigade " the one branch that succeed and depends on Kanye Weisite not just alone beautiful, and just is the world-class cacique place that the join forces that depending on a super and luxurious band made ability accomplish it. In this shirt-sleeve in the concert with popular music tornado and visual gorgeous effect, what the audience enjoys is music not only is colorful and bizarre, will experience on the vision more " the Yi Yi in the night is unripe brightness " . What be worth to be carried most is, the Mai Dangna after global song 1 2 of on one page issues one page