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Sina music is defended at Jiangxi during dispatch National Day inspect broadcasted 08 China Gong Ge is met

College teachers and students is provoking fix eyes on

The Beijing last year sings area sea to choose, of large quantities of circumjacent college teachers and students take part in the match your match appears " record of formal schooling is tall, the level is high, quality is high " 3 tall features, and the Jin Jilu this year pleaseds (Jinan) competion area also not Huang lets more, the player is not little it is the teachers and students that comes from circumjacent college, integral culture administrative levels and vocational level are general taller. Among them a schoolgirl that is hanging 1005 bosoms card, singing is sodorous loud and clear, by the commissioner red commissioner of 10 thousand hill says humanness beautiful song is beautiful also, it is the Master graduate student that comes from circumjacent college, be worth what carry is, one comes from the brilliant student of 1029 players of Beijing or institute of the music central, specially hurries to Jinan to cross sing an area to take part in the match.

  Player of HongKong and Macow attracts eyeball

In another name for Jiangxi Province of Fujian another name for Guangdong Province (Shenzhen) the sea of competion area selects the site, of singers of two book of HongKong and Macow appear, became the one large window of this competion area. The Wang Hao that comes from Macao is smooth, sentimental " 7 child song " moved 3 commissioners and attendant all audience, advance triumphantly all the way for him, kill into 5 strong laid a foundation; And another Hong Kong player, although a his " red flag eulogy " sing so that ran to move completely, but present holder still gave with enthusiastic applause encourage. To this, commissioner plum cereal expresses, it is Chinese red song to be able to become a commissioner see Hong Kong and Macao brethren sing Gong Ge for the first time, feel particularly glad, and Wang Yougui is evaluated say, the Chinese in HongKong and Macow's occurrence, explain gules song is far-reaching, vitality is long.

Aseismatic hero outshines the rest

In Yun Guichuan (Chengdu) in the competition that calls an area, the first kills Gong Ge 5 strong policewoman Sun Xiaolan is very conspicuous, in finals hour, the comrade-in-arms that she sang to be her technically -- the song that aseismatic heroine Jiang Min writes " firm " , plaintive singing conquered spot audience, also conquered 3 commissioners, without the course PK was without ground of be concerned about to obtain a permit. Be worth what carry is, aseismatic heroine Jiang Min also comes to race site, cheer boost the morale of for Sun Xiaolan, when two people stagewise cries together piece " Sichuan is cheered! Gong Ge can cheer China! " when catchword, present holder is anounced long enthusiastic applause.

Senile player is unusual grab an eye
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