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Cover of special of Kings Of Leon

The Chan Qubang of British popularity music of this week ranks sina recreation dispatch change is not big, the Lai that comes from the United States holds kingly band high (Kings Of Leon) is airborne last week the only music of champion " Sex On Fire " this week continues to hold a title successfully champion, and in admire of · of Kitty of American popular new personality (Katy Perry

The United States combines small caracal when red popularity (The Pussycat Dolls

Band of gymnastic class hero (Gym Class Heroes

The Ne-Yo of American R&B prodigy that wins second place of this week special a list of names posted up

In Chan Qubang of relevant European Hot 100, the only music of Katy Perry " I Kissed A Girl " successive laurel of the 6th setbacks. (KFC MAN)

This week Top 10:

1.Kings Of Leon " Sex On Fire "

2.Katy Perry " I Kissed A Girl "

3.The Pussycat Dolls " When I Grow Up "

4.Mcfly " Lies "

5.Rihanna " Disturbia "

6.Gym Class Heroes / The Dream " Cookie Jar "

7.Madcon " Beggin "

8.The Script " The Man Who Can't Be Moved "

9.Ne-Yo " Miss Independent "

10.Will Young " Changes " NEW! ! !