SARA appeals actor of look upon of eye of people ordinary person
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Recently, korea entertainment group is extremely red suicide of temporarily female star Home Cui Zhen honest dies, in recreation immediately the circle raised a mighty uproar. In the meantime, cui Zhen's solid death also was made pressure of susceptive of actor itself place again over, of actor live the focal point that pressure also makes the outside be encircled to recreation comments on a topic.

Inside all along the SARA of say Korea female star that element has " of angel of " Korea leer exploded oneself when receiving media to interview recently once passed because of pressure in Korea at the outset big and suffer from went up depressed disease. Introduce because of the friend later, add oneself all the time since very the culture that has deep love for China just comes to China develop so.

SARA states he once was Cui Zhen's solid vermicelli made from bean starch all the time, look in those days " Xing Mengji predestined relationship " when also indulge for a time in love story. SARA was accepting refer of some media special report recently Cui Zhen weeps a few degrees in real time, the force that its represent to honest Korea recreation encircles Cui Zhen is quite big, her parting be in now Korea is the whole nation is astonished almost, SARA tells a reporter at the same time, as an actor, should bear the numerous pressure that comes from song confusing, company, society to still him reality lives. Regard a public as the character actually, want forever the brightest beautiful bright one side shows the public, but actually, each actor is planted for this bright paid fair price. The feel sad in real life, feeling cannot follow what one does not expect to come out now, because actor always wants the one side of the will happiest sunshine,show others.

SARA says, at present network science and technology develops increasingly, source of a lot of news is a network, diffuse speed is splitting, false actor information and bad thing can draw the netizen's quarrelling sound immediately on the net, actually greatly, these influences are factitious, can put an end to completely. For example song, audience does not like to be able to choose not to listen, but some audience pointed to spearhead the singer, wanton fling abuses, attack, evil do, rumor, the masses digs a bottom to get to the bottom of a matter of the privacy of public character, negative news, this also accentuated on certain level the burden in the heart of actor, contract depressed disease very easily so.

SARA tells a reporter, at the outset oneself are in Korea when, want to experience particularly brutal training everyday, schedule is very full also, do not have any rest time basically, increase the pressure of oneself front courtyard and society, also contracted depressed disease for a time. Nevertheless favour comes to China to develop later, although also can encounter a lot of difficulty, but in having all the time, the song confuses the country to support his again and again, and into dragon familial ceaseless to oneself guide and support, still feel to become actor or artist in China so very happy.
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