Screen of ancestor sea CCTV another deduction " vernal story "
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The CCTV that holds in not long ago on 11 evening parties, have " after day of new folk song " beautiful praise Zu Hai, with her the singing voice of beautiful Qing Li sang " vernal story " , left deep impression to the audience. As we have learned, since close period of time, of hand of this Neozoic folk song get military content to send force again and again, besides be in ceaselessly on all sorts of large activities outside loud voice, she returns transcribe the new song of many different type, rolled out new special " hall love song " .

Appear on CCTV again and again large evening party

"That was a spring 1979, a circle was drawn by the side of the Nanhai that an old person is in China... " go up in the 11 evening parties of CCTV, in Zu Hai's peculiar derive the nation of contemporary element calls a way deduce, this " vernal story " appear have a distinctive flavour, your audience was appreciated adequately new-style the glamour that calls a way. In addition, the city strokes to hold in Jiangxi before long before " same a song " on the activity, zu Hai also suffers invite appearance loud voice, sang the music with two disparate styles to look " happy folk song " and " harmonious China " , won the applause with long audience.

Deduce new song " the dream that puts flying China "

National Day eve, carrying 1.3 billion Chinese " aerospace dream " 7 successes launch divine boat and land smoothly, interesting is, "The song that 100 spacefarers like " also accompany outer space of the travel since divine July 1, the new song that includes transcribe of ancestor sea specially among them " the dream that puts flying China " . Zu Hai expresses, the inspiration of initial creative work of this song originates career of a supportive husband, be certain no matter the sweetheart flies much further metropolis returns him beside the spacefarer's wife, when she is singing this song, it is to stand in the angle of spacefarer wife to undertake deduction completely. It is reported, " the dream that puts flying China " MTV has filmed at present finish.

Break up sing old love song to roll out new special

The new special that rolls out in not long ago " hall love song " in, zu Hai sings her distinctly style play gets incisively and vividly, break up sang include " change butterfly " , " do not ask who I am " , " the dream wakes time " , " the story of love " , " heaven " inside 10 familiar to the ear can the classical love song of detailed. Be worth what carry is, zu Hai is right of every song in special accompanied to have brand-new attempt, especially light raise, euphonic prelude part, below the singing that is full of affinity in her and the easy and refined apply colours to a drawing that sing a style, these song success ground will be nostalgic with fashionable feeling mix is together, utmost land increased artistic appeal, be called by industry " old little all appropriate " .

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