Kanye West of Hip-Hop giant star is about to detonate Beijing Xi to breath out a
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Sina music dispatch he early or late behead wins large award of beauty of decathlon case Lai, he is in a year in take beauty of next decathlon case Lai to nominate, he depends on collect of individual head Zhang Zhuan " The College Dropout " with one action carries off 3 Gelaimei such as song of special of optimal a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing, optimal a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing award, bank Ye · Weisite

  Gold producer makes large quantities of popular giant stars struggle course can says " American dream " successful model for painting

Into the Kanye Weisite that kisses a family in a sheet from small show his inherent music to go qualitative, in the mother foster wholeheartedly, kanye Weisite acquired the good education of music and other and artistic class, however a lot of and indelicate gesticulation is mixed among the Hip-hop with rhythm hot heat the movement became a mother to intervene the one catastrophe of this one domain inscribes his sortie, but depending on oneself hold to He Yi force, he persuaded a mother and devote into finally long to become singer of an a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing hereat, mix zigzag in what experienced countless times after be rebuffed, the Bai Le employer that Kanye Weisite went to touch him character with his sincerity and good music -- Roc-a-Fella, from now on his life and job with giant star become attached to, his musical talent is in Jay-Z

  To the front of the stage from the behind the curtain the singer's dream is like eventually wish to lead sexual temperament long classics setback go through the mill gives true gold

Kanye Weisite restrains hard from beginning to end let oneself stand the dream that is among arena, what although he had accomplished your person on his musical road,look at its a person's back hard is outstanding. 2002, he persuades himself to want to roll out first pieces of his special eventually, however he that pink shirt, the disposition of erect collar and unruly is in very hard however move once Bai Le, the executive president of Roc-a-Fella record company wears Meng Dashen, and those who hold same point of view is not mere wear Meng Dashen a person, "When the staff member that when me the opportunity confronts company of one swarm record, I know I must tell them with unique kind, I can resemble a singer of cynical a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing and producer. But I must tell you, they are very depressed after interview, because did not get the result of their place expectation. Literally says, after I leave assembly room a person cried very long. " secretly the Weisite of divine injury as always the persistence that behaving oneself, he withstood the pressure that comes from each, but he is simple, completely discrepant still move hard at the style of singer of traditional e.g. comic dialogue numerous record company is what he has the market to develop, "This is to me ' the strike ' , because I do not wear comfortable pocket jeans and knitting jacket. I won't appear actuation and irritable, also do not sell drugs. " Weisite says.
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