Couplet of 7 good man sleeves disc is about to ask vessel Chinese Le Tan
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Sina recreation dispatch to person of 9 years of all-round music 8 years Zhang Zhilin couplet sleeves Lei Yulin of famous speech sea of faces vacates culture to will give Chinese Le Tan a largesse " affection of collapse of Lin Teng record is made 3 pieces. Lin Teng hand in hand " Oriental star " below the banner 7 handsome new image originality " big plate of musical story CD&MV " the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater that make already was started in the round, will use music, with film, with inspiration, touch every love Le Xin with the character kind person, the topic is lively colour matchless circulates new theme of 3 old music " let happiness and love be in together, in joy and sweet agitate, let love and lasting coexistence " .

Theme song of special of Lin Tengwen melt into " begin In City " searched to had filmed theme of large generation rich is publicized piece senior director Shen Chong, the star in SMG east and world gain the tripartite confrontation support of relevant skill unit leaves, collective originality films " begin In City " warm theme song MV. In this in, the simple peace that flowing in the city that everybody can feel busy strain altogethers, experience warmth and smile. Better City Better Life will be passed to sing jointly by us, acclaim for in chorus of 2010 worlds rich together.

Big plate of music of new style of new image of the whole people " warm beginning " with musical story new pattern disc collects person energy of life " cheer good man " Wei Bin Zhang Xiaochen Xiang Dingbai vivid Wang Chuanjun Qinyan, power of group of God of complete new green helps world rich great event, 7 kinds of styles guide everybody to take every one side of urban amorous feelings severally. In " big plate of musical story CD&MV " in they feel the music with total heart character set out from the heart, in musical & Thespian & modelling expects administrative levels gives the Fans that will support them for years more etc people serial surprise " the effort that experiences them, share their pleasure, create Le Tan together with them tomorrow " . In October first advocate the music that make sheet grabs heart edition Zhang Xiaochen " part " wait for force only music to be about to invite you collective listen respectfully " world of good man heart " , expect please. The person that the making support of the people that regards these as special and song is created, zhang Zhilin also will create myth for Le Tan ceaselessly. Change consistent music this to make a group besides Lin Tengwen outside, musical kinescope takes a respect to continue with " one the individual's suffering " " outside beach 18 " Liu Tian of director of Xin Rui wizard cooperates, main and perfect 7 classification that appear " pattern good man " musical MV.

Lin Tengwen changes 8 age end be about to put on sale big plate of two pieces of music beforehand exposure: Lin Tengwen is changed hand in hand German tough standard is about to issue " Jager Meister " musical big plate; Lin Tengwen changes independence to manufacture " BGT activation Ⅲ " musical big plate.
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