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Queen&PaulRodgers- " TheCosmosRocks "

Special name: " The Cosmos Rocks "
Singer: Queen & Paul Rodgers
Issue time: On September 15, 2008
Release a company: EMI
Musical style: Hard Rock (hard rock and roll)
[Music eye introduces]

1. Cosmos Rockin'

2. Time To Shine

3. Still Burnin'

4. Small

5. Warboys

6. We Believe

7. Call Me

8. Voodoo

9. Some Things That Glitter

10. C-lebrity

11. Through The Night

12. Say It's Not True

13. Surf's Up... School's Out!

14. Small Reprise

[Disc is commented on]

In Fuleidi Meikuli (Freddie Mercury) after dying because of AIDS, 1995 that piece " Made In Heaven " became that to raise " empress " band (Queen) the peak of poetic perfection. In last few years, queen begins afresh again active rise, brian May found Roger of new partner Paul · this (Paul Rodgers) will be held the position of for Queen advocate sing, two people had been in for many times in troupe collaboration. Be in " Made In Heaven " after coming out 13 years, change new advocate the special of first pieces of recording studio that sung Queen rolled out them " The Cosmos Rocks " , in a list of names posted up of special of British popularity music, this Zhang Zhuan division is airborne the 5th.

The time that although Paul Rodgers is mixed,Queen cooperates also already not short, but the limitation as a result of organ, the style that Paul Rodgers sings and Freddie Mercury still have what differ apparently. If say the organ of Freddie Mercury has Boximiya's common artistic sense more, so the sound of Paul Rodgers is a few commonner, he suits deductive most or resemble him before two band (Free and Bad Company) the Bruce of the sort of Americanization rocks and roll an eye. This piece " The Cosmos Rocks " caption is special tag went up " Queen Paul Rodgers " , this is very well-advised undoubtedly, the song of not quite familiar to those rock-and-roll is confused for, this can remind them this is Queen and the special that another actor cooperates, and to those the song of Queen band is confused former days for, this can admonish likewise they, taking Paul Rodgers and Freddie Mercury to do is unwise quite, because of Paul already the very low-key position that puts oneself to co-worker.

Right, freddie Mercury cannot be replaced, freddie is in everybody the positional just in memory is the key that affects everybody to listen to this piece of special. If you do not have the complex with special what to Freddie Mercury, so this piece of special still is worth to listen. Although outstanding Freddie Mercury gives organ condition our impression,efface hard, but the advantage that Paul Rodgers also has him, of another kind of style perform responsory Brian May to be able to brush a scintilla likewise. From this piece " The Cosmos Rocks " in light of, paul Rodgers had been found with Brian May of guitar Great Master agree with a dot. And if you accept those who became crack operation hard really " empress " if, that or the old special that go listening to them later. (KFC MAN)
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