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Kuala lumpur dispatch, taiwan is senior musical person edition of Taiwan of Lin Qionglong afterwards " 22 A " after special is issued, yesterday Malaysia is sent once more piece. Mainland part disc predicts to met ceremoniously with the friends that like jiggle to boil November.

Malaysia singer (Chen Renfeng and Yan Guanqian) two favorite pupil that are demon chess disc Mr Lin Qionglong at present, besides having special voice, still having outstanding creation talent. Lin Qionglong mentions nowadays new personality: "He values Taiwan only An Zhong of Lu of independent music singer, although China has a lot of newlywed person, but not quite outstanding, besides Hu Yanbin; Point to the Li Yu spring, person such as Zhou Bichang, after vocal match ends, do not have a law to show a ray. Old horse has a lot of outstanding newlywed person a few this years, 10 finger are used not quite, chen Renfeng is among them, he is trained very thoroughly, of the conduct character respect that serves as actor and creation respect repair for very good, it is first-rate talent, glow gives out heat is can be expected soon " .

"In contest of Astro new show I see a batch of new new force, resemble benevolence of a person of extraordinary powers, also have good one side, but I emphasize myself particularly is to like Yan Shuai Guan to pretty very much, I see she is having infinite potential rear, I predict boldly, she has an opportunity to become like Zhou Jielun in that way market creation a general term for ci and qu sings the outstanding music talent at a suit, the company can be gone to this direction hammer and tongs the immanent potential that popularizes her " .

New personality comes forth in large numbers musical times, the talent of musical person and endowment resemble race same, who does get the better of to lose, interview outcome very quickly, the final argue on musical field who is to win the home, with respect to Rangreai musical friends try eye in order to wait for.

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