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Flower emperor autograph makes an appointment with Huang Sheng to depend on Guo
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Huang Sheng is depended on illuminate in newest conduct propaganda medium with sexy attitude go into battle

Yellow emperor is depended on

  Poplar child

"Jade female successor " ? This idea is good

Yellow emperor is depended on solve oneself with Zhou Xing gallop

Take a fancy to Huang Sheng to depend on

Use temperamental likeness with Liang Luo

It is reported, the reason that flower emperor takes a fancy to Huang Sheng to depend on is, on the first outer form and temperament, she and bridge the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces apply ten split phase to be like, because of,Liang Luo is applied nowadays contract issue and fall out of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord, "Alone " develop toward Hollywood,

Actually, huang Sheng is depended on also try hard really, in newest extending conduct propaganda is illuminated in, reach with high, girl haggard wait for different modelling to show a person, go all out in work degree surpasses troublesome and great Liang Luo to apply absolutely.

Huo Wen hopes to express, she is not want to be depended on with Huang Sheng will replace Liang Luo to apply, "Yellow Shengyiben already had inside personally certain and famous degree, also begin to stand firm on international, we can plan according to her original line her development. " Huo Wen hopes to still say, the account that the choice signs Huang Sheng to depend on is to be certain her acting already got self-identity inside, vocal career already also began to begin, the potential that develops an inland is very great, so chime in easily. Hope to divulge according to Huo Wen, huang Sheng is depended on will song shadow crewel develops, specific plan can be announced later.

8 digit autograph is made an appointment with

Emphasize song shadow to dwell together course

Additional, when Yang Zi accepts a reporter to interview, express, it is the agreement of manager of Hong Kong district that depends on Huang Sheng this the autograph gives flower emperor, and inland and abroad area still are in charge of by him. Speak of cooperative original intention, yang Zi says: "Because flower emperor is Hong Kong to compare preeminent recreational company, and the film also has cooperated with flower emperor before us " give Shui Furong " , each other have knowledge. Each other have knowledge..

Yang Zi also confirms to the reporter, this autograph makes an appointment with recompense to be as high as 8 digit, do not agree to divulge the autograph arranges fixed number of year nevertheless. Same, yang Zi expresses, the autograph is made an appointment with flower empress, huang Sheng is depended on will emphasize in Hong Kong development to sing with the part that takes sport, already had a series of plans at present. Show to having flower emperor depends on Huang Sheng of purpose make " jade female successor " , character of Yang Zi laugh this idea is good.
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