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Radial medium signs Shang Can about completely industry of high-key intervening
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Radial medium signs Shang Can about completely industry of high-key intervening broker (graph)

Soup Can and Wang Changtian of radial medium president

Sina recreation dispatch on September 21, shang Can of singer of famous young person

Shang Can becomes the light to arrange actor of medium completely, also let radial actor broker rise to surface. Radial broker is about to make domestic head home one-stop service manager company, its are main strategy is to be actor to offer actor fixed position, agency to guide, act art Dai Yan of activity, film, teleplay, advertisement " produce supply and marketing " one-stop service, found broker of radial compere broker, movie and TV, singer manager to wait for professional branch through fractionize market, the is a center with agent management pattern that broke domestic tradition thereby.

What the concept of broker appears in China is very late, on October 1, 2002, culture department is new promulgate " commercial show regulation carries out detailed rules " carry out formally, ability first time had clear fixed position to agent, allow to be used in company name " broker " one word.

The country that the star manager of management star develops in medium recreation is an old profession, be like American WMA and CAA, japanese Johnny`s, the S.M of Korea. Such company, early formed whole system and standard. And China is far still the broker company that did not form maturity runs mode, more operations that are type of a kind of small mill. Although compare big broker company relatively in dimensions, also rely on normally or a few agent that there is deep resource in industry, this makes the behavior of each broker companies is bringing rich individual color and brand normally.

Below the mode of small mill, when striving for the relation between client and hold together agent and actor, sometimes more drive that are not common business interest, wear since private concern however bigger effect. But the star of a few maturity, do not be willing to want agent normally. Because they had compared maturity,be on one hand, he can be searched and grasp show opportunity, because most broker company or agent can not are opposite,also be of actor on one hand professional career has very good with extended program, much or bureau be confined to the processing that a few short-term action perhaps are daily routine merely.

With at present more short-term action photographs in broker industry are compared, international company regards each star as the mode that a company goes managing is worth to draw lessons from in China. Wang Yidian of radial manager vise general manager expresses, inland has the agent of a lot of qualification now, but what I ask is the agent that one have been approve not just, more important is the handler with best need, they should have extended program and government to the future of actor. Become each star finished product card. And of the light one-stop service mode, it is the innovation of domestic manager mode, the actor or artist that invites an autograph to make an appointment with regards the light as the platform of a career, is activity of a show or a broker of the part not just. King Yi Dianxi looks at a radial broker make it a brand, a management mode innovates, product content fractionize, have the broker company brand that perfect system ensures. Have the broker company brand that perfect system ensures..
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