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Radial medium is high-key business of intervening actor manager
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Sina recreation dispatch on September 22 before dawn message, affirm according to radial medium respect, the near future of actor broker company of this company holds water formally already, chief autograph arranges actor is young singer Shang Can, both sides already arranged a ceremony at the lot is being held 21 days in Beijing this month.

Shang Can becomes radial autograph to arrange actor, also let business of radial actor manager rise to surface subsequently. Not come singly but in pairs, hua Youshi discipline also announces business of open up manager 9 days this month, chief autograph arranges actor is Li Xiaolu. Establish manager business to be held concurrently by Hua You president the strategy transition that definition of another name for Taishan Mountain of CEO king the Qin Dynasty is a company, and one of strategic move with establish actor broker company to also be regarded as by radial interior the most significant this year. Although already parted company,amount to half an year, but the train of thought that these two companies hope to expand manager business is very consistent. This exists on certain strategy from flank proof both sides probably similar sex, the idea that pursues amalgamative when first try also is not temporarily be seized by a whim.

It is reported, "Broker " this one concept compares evening in Chinese occurrence time. On October 1, 2002, culture department is new those who promulgate " commercial show regulation carries out detailed rules " carry out formally, ability first time had clear fixed position to agent, allow to be used in company name " broker " one word. The country that the star manager of management star develops in medium recreation and area form whole system and standard already, and China is far still the broker company that did not form maturity runs mode, more operations that are type of a kind of small mill. Radial medium has TV program, compere, film, teleplay at the same time, act art the industrial catenary such as line of activity, advertising Wu, the hope obtains new breakthrough in broker field.

Radial broker tries to make first one-stop broker company of domestic, basically offer fixed position, agency to guide for actor, act art Dai Yan of activity, film, teleplay, advertisement " produce supply and marketing " one-stop service, found broker of compere broker, movie and TV, singer manager to wait for a branch through fractionize market, the is a center with agent management pattern that breaks domestic tradition. Radial president Wang Changtian expresses, the force of will integrated group, cooperate to be extended with what support radial broker professional work in the round, the target is to make a China the company of integrated actor broker of the most influential force. He still says, radial broker expresses great expectations to Shang Can, will make Shang Can into China with all one's strength " after day of fashionable folk song " .

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