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China friendship brother buys Zhong Qianlong heart to become line of business in
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The actor below the banner consolidates management competition is intense

As Zhong Qianlong heart and Hua Yi are reached formally and buy an agreement, the manager that Zhong Qianlong has below heart banner makes an appointment with the famous actor or artist such as actor Liu Yi, Tian Liang, Yi Nengjing, Meng Anmei, Huang Weide one case completely " marry " Hua Yi. Liu of person of door of palm of Zhong Qianlong heart sheathed or bow case to also realize his dream: The collaboration that plays actor with friendly feelings hold together and banner not only, provide all-around service, the long-term development that also can be them provides the making backdrop of play of strong movie and TV and disc. To Hua Yi, the numerous star that male dragon heart comes to along with change in also expanded again actor group. Especially of Liu Yi join in, make the outside unavoidable comment in succession. Liu Yi, yellow Xiao Ming

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