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China friendship brother buys Zhong Qianlong to De Liutao says and buy amount in
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China friendship brother buys Zhong Qianlong to De Liutao says and buy amount inconvenience to divulge

Liu sheaths or bow case

China friendship brother and company of broker of Zhong Qianlong heart reach sina recreation dispatch formally recently and buy an agreement, the Liu Yi below banner of Zhong Qianlong heart

Liu Tao expresses, standard of increasingly intense, industry competes to send a standard more inside course of study in recent years, "Male dragon heart regards single actor manager as the company in, all the time since did not make drama of movie and TV or disc background. This kind of management mode that once succeeded has appeared below real environment do not have vitality very much, have the powerful platform that make to regard as only prop up, just help actor creation give greater value likely. " Liu Tao says, express at the same time, began to follow the company such as recreation of day of Baolibona, orange to had undertaken negotiating last year, "Hua Yi is the last connection, also decide the most quickly. " Liu Tao says, "Hua Yi's public praise and outstanding achievement everybody be obvious to all, successful case is most. Great this year prize-giving gift, for instance Jin Ying, golden pheasant 100 flowers, took a lot of large award, very charming to actor. Very charming to actor..

After China friendship brother and Zhong Qianlong heart are bought, two companies natural resources is shared, will big to the development of actor helpful. Ask the post henceforth arranges Liu Tao, he says: "Administrative position is not actually significant, the development of actor just is us most take a fancy to. The honor that I imprint on calling card now is ' couplet banquet president ' , still be in charge of actor actually. " Liu Tao discloses, at present the company is having financial close an account, should meet it is at the beginning of 2009 procedures of the law that finish, current, oneself still are in charge of Zhong Qianlong heart having the show of actor, after two companies are amalgamative, meeting resource is shared, provide a service for actor together. Ask about the actor below the banner to whether support him this one decision, liu Tao laughs: "It is them ' incite ' , I also hope to be able to let them have better progress. " express at the same time, actor of National Day around is busier, can hold a royal news briefing later on. Ask about and buy amount, liu Tao said to sign confidential agreement, inconvenience discloses. Jzb/ article