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China friendship brother buys land of Zhong Qianlong heart firm Tian Liang enter
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Contest signs up for comprehensive information of Zhong Qianlong heart and China friendship brother " lightning love " get 25 days confirming, both sides is reached formally and buy an agreement, this also is domestic entertainment industry is the most large-scale between broker company in recent years buy case. The Liu Yi below banner of Zhong Qianlong heart

It is reported, as Zhong Qianlong heart and Hua Yi are reached formally and buy an agreement, the manager that Zhong Qianlong has below heart banner arranges actor one case completely " marry " Hua Yi. To Hua Yi, the numerous star that male dragon heart comes to along with change in also expanded again actor group. Especially of Liu Yi join in, make the outside unavoidable comment in succession. Liu Yi, yellow Xiao Ming

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