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Hua You face about: Amuse to do poineering work 2 times for gangplank
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Through controlling a company of music of a home, with SP(wireless appreciation serves) the Hua You group of business make one's fortune (NASDAQ: HRAY, abbreviation " Hua You " ) look to be in it seems that to recreational company transition. On September 25, china friend announces denounce endowment invests the music of record company seed with the oldest Taiwan 21 million yuan, acquire 60.8% share, help its extend a number to release medium of communication (the network downloads) .

Nevertheless, hua You president holds another name for Taishan Mountain of CEO king the Qin Dynasty concurrently to say however: "Huayou accuses upriver content resource through the palm, the hope acquires more speech right, final, hua You still falls development on honest SP. Hua You still falls development on honest SP..

Borrow situation recreation

Nowadays, music consumes a habit to issueing channel to transfer to the number, to moment, CP(content provider) the biggest person be benefited that will make profit with mobile operation business, and the SP among will be abandoned. Return immature phase in musical number channel, hua You wants good chance of race to control of go ahead of the rest.

The CD of tradition of company of 4 old record issues international to showing the speed of 20% to drop, and digital channel shows the growth of 100% however, but because digital channel cardinal number is small, the quantity of growth cannot catch up with the quantity that drop far, income quickness glides.

40% what the music of musical company seed with the oldest Taiwan comes from the income of digital channel to hold gross earnings, predicting future will be achieved 80% , "CD may become song confusing to collect article, is not the company's biggest income source. " Tian Dingfeng of seminal music general manager says.

Musical number market was not built, hypostatic market is rapid and atrophic. "Now, be in industry trough period, for the company that lays in to having ready money, it is poineering inning. " another name for Taishan Mountain of king the Qin Dynasty says. Up to on June 30, 2008, the cash of Hua You hold and cash equivalent total value add up to for 72.9 million dollar.

Actually, begin from 2005, hua You accuses early or late fly to music of happy disc, Hua Yi's brother, Beijing Jin Xinzi culture, and invested bird person art, so far, hua You had dominated Chinese music market the market share of nearly 22% , became magnate of a recreation already.

But, with the Hua You of SP build up, do not have on recreation run experience, it is reported, the recreational company that China friend chooses has mature operation mechanism and leadership basically, after Hua Youjin is entered, recreational company still is handed in by former management the layer is done, and what Hua You brings is burgeoning digital channel, more important is, through controlling musical company, hua You obtained actor and music library resource.
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