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Su Yuhua is comfortable earn brushstroke, drink is gotten cup fall
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Su Yuhua because show " seize life true husband " and person energy of life rises urgently, she is the closest besides for the living theatre " of city of new do all one can love " at rehearse outside, more become advertisement spokesman, was SPA of   of IOS of pointed sanded chew to film a few days ago new ad of one collect TV. Character of Su Yuhua laugh pats advertisement this to be able to say is to get give special treatment very, sigh sufficient 9 hours, because ad business for a particular purpose looked for stylist to decorate room of independence of type of a peaceful, more peaceful type massagist massages the whole body for her. To her what at rehearsal the living theatre tired appeared recently, really greatest enjoy, waiting bury when, already was in insensibly sweet a kind of sweet grass envelop next nap a short while. Warm hospitality of the proprietress and take care of considerate, make her more guests feel at home. Her agitato says: "The environment is very comfortable really here, want to live every day very much loudness! " become spokesman again to the 2nd year, renew the contract can monetary reward have increase? Inferior Su Xiao says anyhow is satisfactory, besides is divided obtain outside sending a product, handler of down to of implicative family friend obtains free commitment, cooperate very happily.