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Show of commonweal of deep blue philharmonic society commemorates war of resista
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After afterwards ended the conduct propaganda of Shan head, this Zhou Wu (on August 12) , deep blue philharmonic society will hurry off to Nanjing, spread out them to be in Nanjing by a definite date conduct propaganda of 3 days.

Nanjing is the culture ancient capital with a long history, also be whole nation of deep blue philharmonic society in conduct propaganda important one station. Be in early actually May, the Changzhou that deep blue philharmonic society already crossed Jiangsu, promote without stannum, appropriate make conduct propaganda, but be in Nanjing is first time, the deep La Le that publicizes to Nanjing as first time is round, no matter be company or them,itself takes seriously exceedingly.

Conduct propaganda of Nanjing of this deep blue philharmonic society basically is the film that was in what black Wu Hu holds to win 60 years to commemorate war of resistance against aggression on August 13 on invitation < < dwell glow temple 1937 > > commonweal charity evening party. Serve as recently assorted organization, what the propaganda of near future of deep blue philharmonic society arranges is very close together. But be in no matter busy, they still are willing to attend very a few like so significant commonweal activity.

This Nanjing publicizes deep blue philharmonic society it may be said is very close together, besides wanting to attend the show of commonweal activity, attend Jiangsu even channel of put together art < < shock one continuous line > > the transcribe of the program. Appear on the dazzled frequency of Jiangsu TV program first, the best one side that the two members short-haired pelt of philharmonic society and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ice show to want a philharmonic society shows the friend of Jiangsu. Additional, band member also will be walked into include Jiangsu bandstand, jiangsu is literary stage, jiangsu economy stage, nanjing bandstand inside between the direct seeding of stage of 4 home appliance, with the friend before the radio together communicative oneself music.

On August 14 afternoon 14: At 0 o'clock, deep blue philharmonic society returns the press conference that will hold his to be in Nanjing, undertake with the media friend of Nanjing more " close " contact.

After deep blue philharmonic society ends the conduct propaganda of Nanjing this, will head for and other places of Sichuan, Shanxi, Xinjiang, confuse with countrywide song meet.