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Whether to exceed in PK female? "Super glamour is chaired beautiful " the respon
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Super female voice is about to enter end, "Super chair " already embark upon a political venture. On August 3, defend by Anhui inspect, radial medium make jointly " super glamour manages feline person beautiful " start formally in Beijing. This tournament that accompanies compere of civilian nature choose from comparative at the beginning get attention. Not only because of it " setting " very hard, defend by Anhui inspect, media of these two actual strength makes radial medium, more crucial is, it from show at the beginning besides should with super- female one relatively the imposing manner of relative superiority or inferiority.
It is sea choosing does not set a threshold likewise, it is likewise " super " , invite recreation to encircle celebrity to become a commissioner likewise, it is to contain a lot ofrecreational spirit likewise, exceed advocate be to imitate after all super- female? Be still PK exceeds female? Yesterday, taking such doubt, the reporter was interviewed sponsor square concerned personage.

"Did not imitate super- female "

"When just beginning us to decide a name, also somebody puts forward, can the audience feels we are to borroweding super female voice? But actually, the backside of this name is pedigreed. " Anhui is defended inspect production Li Ning to explain so, according to introducing, chair beautiful decided several names at the beginning, when " glamour is chaired beautiful " this name is about to knock time, anhui defends inspect high-level to table a proposal: Must add super two words. "" super win the home greatly " countrywide audience knows, can say super the brand that is us, discuss with the light finally so, super cannot lose, just had present name. This should not calculate imitate super female voice. This should not calculate imitate super female voice..

But undeniable is, no matter be of the form that the sea chooses or commissioner,choose, "Super glamour manages feline person beautiful " the meaning that have really and exceeds female PK, to home the compere contest photograph of all sorts of types is compared, this match and exceed female same make public to wear civilian and orgiastic imply. "The choose of area of a few contests does not divide a doorsill, the age, dialectal even also can attend. In choose compere when, also want link of recreation of give attention to two or morethings, we want the whole people to participate in namely, the commissioner comes out by audience choosing, the player also should cast elect by ballot to take by the audience. Compere is not secret trade, want you only enough courage, have an opportunity absolutely. Have an opportunity absolutely..

"The match is thoroughly civilian "

And Anhui defends inspecting Zhou Qun of n/COL the head of a family female role is right more " super chair " this kind of way that does not part doorsill choose cites both hands approval: "I arrive to had played a lot of games greatly as a child, make a speech kind, those who chair the mankind, the biggest feeling is, the mode that does not want to have according to solid, reveal before the commissioner most of individual character oneself, succeed possibly. Succeed possibly..
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