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Giant star of bay of prize begin a theatrical performance becomes famous demon b
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Famous agent Xie Zhifen decodes Taiwan star to have one's moment through

She is Chinese Taiwan is the youngest in generation agent; She ever witnessed Liu Reying, Zhou Huajian, Huang An have one's moment; She nowadays is " in May day " , of the Liang Jingru, agent that tastes the star of Taiwan big shop sign such as the coronal " cacique " , roll stone (Chinese inland) enterprise vise general manager... the day before yesterday is late, this looks 30 odd, be by nickname of the personage inside course of study " moxa elder sister " Ms. Xie Zhifen comes on a special trip Chengdu, while with our newspaper secret talks about collaboration, intellectual, occupational she, in the reporter again and again " torturous " below, showed the star that she knows first have one's moment process, and of agent live the little-known brilliant old practice such as the state.

Interview " moxa elder sister " be in Chengdu eat of an amorous feelings in, do not apply powdery black, a kind of female goes out to succeed fully between features personage spy some is intellectual, intelligent with easy. Her mandarin says not quite fluently, language fast very slow, very Taiwan flavour, echo sb besides that pair of beautiful eyes besides, now and then, a hand has delimited bang, also will echo sb. Perhaps be to be our true place to move, she was told a lot of a lot of -- ,

A star has his moment · agent

Special clew:

In Taiwan, actor should become famous have 3 kinds of kind: The singer sends dish to record company; Enter all sorts of vocal contests; Go to record company working. So do you know Liu Reying, Zhou Huajian, " in May day " , is Liang Jingru how become famous?

Be acquainted first: Fizzle out how to stubborn and intractable

The familial business of moxa elder sister is movie industry, her home owns the large movie theater that Taiwan the eastpart part has 1000 many places. Moxa elder sister fastened graduation from film of Taiwan culture university 1987, face the depression of the film, she thinks basically is conduct propaganda is less than, so aspire does the film to publish conduct propaganda. But graduate the following day, the record company that she drives into the friend however is dry removed disc conduct propaganda, working is ten years, experienced actor broker from do not have some processes, and the acme that accomplished this to go, become famous patriarch class person.

Moxa elder sister the first only work is to be Huang An to make conduct propaganda. "Record industry just started at that time, I am not familiar with this all right, huang An is the hot-blooded youth of an obstinate and unruly. " memory of moxa elder sister, the Huang An 1990, play oneself sing oneself, in leave Taipei 2 hours the place of car Cheng is little famous gas, a lot of people like to hear his song. After Huang An sends galley proof to the company, be made an appointment with by medium, autograph, made formal singer. Receive Huang An " law case " hind, the company arranges moxa elder sister to be made from broadcasting station first, then, she is riding motorcycle, go there and back between broadcasting station and company, " black film " send medium with literal data, ask them to help conduct propaganda. Later, huang Angong.
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