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Chinese happy altar was worth to expect creation sings a group most 2005
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Du Lei of Tian Hua & : Provide most go simple creative work sings a group

New personality of outback Chinese happy altar comes forth in large numbers, all through the ages is given priority to with fastfood music, face the musical circle newly emerging force that emerges in endlessly every year, always give a person a kind of dazzling sense. From knife wolf " come like one night spring breeze suddenly " , to network singer " thousand pear is spent " , we had been used to the Mo Ce that happy world wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation changes, after all the singer with what kind of need of Chinese happy world, what kind of singer can be become " evergreen tree " , this is the popular topic that everybody pays close attention to very all the time.

Passed be prepared for long and brew, creation of the new personality below division of company of 10 happy corridor record sings Singapore organization " Du Lei of Tian Hua & " be in first when the season that this Chun Nuanhua opened in April 2005 rolled out him eventually advocate the music that make sheet " rice yellow shirt, mix in the whole nation and Singapore, Malaysia as this song the synchronism of stage of more than 400 home appliance rolls out Hong Kong, Taiwan, du Lei of Tian Hua & lands Chinese popularity happy altar with exceeding strong attitude interest to explode, the clear sina that brings extraordinary for Le Tan overflows storm.

Sleep in the brother that spreads on me

Since college fellow student, it is the brother that sleeps in the shop on me. It is music was in their heart closely one case repeatedly, what they established themselves is in in the school " red house " band. 1997 namely red each colleges that alled over Henan, jun Lang's figure, brilliant musical accomplishment, the accord that wrestle got local medium reputably, the future that also is oneself laid good foundation. They expect they can appear one day child in the musical circle, can lengthen the song that oneself write, they are awaiting an opportunity in patient ground.

Do not have a person to be able to think of, the opportunity advent with respect to such quiet silence. In the college game of Henan their with one action seizes chief, successful autograph arranges two people the same year disc of Hong Kong earth, they created a fairy tale.

During this, they created much outstanding work. The campus balladry that rolled out 2002 in this company combines division " 2002 campus balladry " in create and sang two song " 10 years " and " tomorrow " , got spacious campus balladry is happy those who confuse is enthusiastic support, be considered as one of spokesman of balladry of new century campus. And the figure of its Jun Lang and the comprehension to music, let a song confuse all the time people take delight in talking about. And sing by them " 10 years " and " tomorrow " FASH of the make it that be confused by the song is wide on the net for transmission. During this, they created much outstanding work.
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