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Manage a group brand-new break through super glamour to chair beautiful Beijing
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On August 3 afternoon, medium of Anhui TV station, light and feline person brand are in Beijing new century restaurant announces jointly " super glamour manages feline person beautiful " start formally, this mobile target is " the glamour VJ that searchs China to have fashionable mind most " . Anhui defends inspected famous compere Zhou Qun, Li Bing, Ren Liangyun, license, Ma Ying, Li Hongtao, and the compere Li Jing with radial subordinate medium, Suo Ni, Xie Na, Xu Rui in succession with " elder " the identity comes round to sing the praises, go up to be about to chair arena ablaze the boost the morale of of new people platform that come on stage.

Get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh: Do not beg major, but beg glamour

"Super glamour manages feline person beautiful " be mix by card of bearing of Anhui TV station, cat the compere a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale inside the whole nation range that radial medium makes jointly chooses an activity, it is different from before compere contest, high-key promote " vogue " , " glamour " core spirit, advocate the individual character that manages industry, make public and ego style, the lay particular stress on on tradition of breakthrough of do one's best is professional the appearance that changes with form, make TV program compere shows the platform with choose to get be updatinged in the round. Accordingly, this second contest put forward first " glamour VJ, vogue decides " concept, this also is the contest that the whole nation chairs glamour to undertake contend in the light of the individual first.

"Super glamour manages feline person beautiful " cent is chosen for the sea, wash out training camp, intermediary heat and final 4 phase, begin to will chair agitation to last to November from August. Sea choosing will establish Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu and Hefei 6 contests area; The player that Hai Xuansheng gives is entered " chair beautiful wash out training camp " , the 0 spaces that pass the compere that has his moment now with home, Hong Kong and Taiwan are contacted, understand and learn compere of current all-round recreation what to have some quality and get specific training; And next intermediary heat and final were full of challenge sex, established multiple award mechanism, raise the intense rate of the contest with this, pass the remarkable athlete of layer upon layer choose to will be the same as a stage to exhibit glamour finally, title of VJ of contend China top glamour -- super glamour VJ.

"Teleplay ace " is Anhui defended inspect strategic change?

"Super glamour manages feline person beautiful " defend whole journey in Anhui inspect broadcast, and contest besides will single out super glamour compere award of gold, silver-colored, copper each one, and optimal vogue explains large award, provide award of muscularity of individual evil spirit most, most on optimal person energy of life chairs lens player large award and full-court the award such as large award besides, still have 3 very absorbing " additional temptation " -- it is the first among them " organic meeting becomes autograph of each channel of Anhui TV station to make an appointment with compere " .
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