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" Chen Anzhi sees a movie learn to succeed " series 6: " angry sea goes will " :
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Once somebody asks me, say: "Mr. Chen, you teach others the success, at the same time you like to see a movie very much again, how can you ask you to recommend a succeeding film? " I tell them: "Want to succeed, look " angry sea goes will " . Look " angry sea goes will " ..
" angry sea goes will " it is a real story, so, in the development process of whole motion picture, I am like be personally on the scene same. I know to want to manage such job is impossible almost.
A few act with the deepest impression:

(graph one: Why he can is make it general does the person think impossible thing? Because he regards reasonable requirement as,train, regard unreasonable requirement as harden oneself, )

First act, it is a black when Carl should pass an exam, his magisterial say: "I let this black how possibly pass an exam. This is impossible thing. " because be in old before, the United States does not allow a black to hold the position of phreatic water official, the appearance that still has the colour bar (of course in recent years a lot of) .
So, the bag lacerate that this v/arc drillmaster uses phreatic water exam, scatter all tools in sea mile. Below the circumstance of look for a needle in the ocean, should assemble it rise, in fact this is unreasonable requirement.
To average person, the likelihood is early abandoned; If be me, the likelihood also can abandon after 1 hour. But this blocked Er to use 9 many hours in sea mile finally, assemble successfully still rise. This is he did others impracticable business. So, I see that one act, the heart is touched quite.

The 2nd act, it is him after breaking a leg, he still decides to want to become presiding dive officer.
Actually, want to help the person's person, how may he be deformed? Tell from any logistic angle, this is unreasonable. When also doing not have a person to face death in the face, the person that wants a maimed person goes saving him.
But he wants,those who do is presiding dive official, he shows the toppest in the center the toppest, he was accomplished, and it is true.
Finally, the phreatic water garment that he is asked to put on 290 pounds to weigh takes 12 steps in public. This normal to person will tell already very difficult, what is more,the rather that a person that is holding artificial limb. But, he kisses the support of affection to fall in wife and son, hold to 12 paces, passed a test, resume former post after breaking a leg eventually, reach his goal finally, become officer of naval and presiding dive.
All audiences are touched by the manner place that he does not give himself this kind any excuse.

(graph 2: Once he chose life target -- become officer of presiding and naval dive, also had not neglected the commitment to father again, hold to after all, do not abandon absolutely. )

After seeing the movie, the audience can think, it is what reason after all, let him you can hold to after all?
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