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Leaf of new harbor elder sister also is laughing in emerald green emerald green
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Xie Cuicui is denied ever face-lifting

This year's and fresh sister of harbor giving heat already was born smoothly at overnight, champion of of reinforced material Xie Cuicui of 23 years old, reach other to win a prize with runner-up land rhyme and Ji Junlin Li yesterday harbor elder sister attends press conference and journalism to meet. Xie Cuicui expresses, after overnight wins a prize, wireless expedite pat in making a team reach her home, film. Her mom prepared a cake for her already, the person celebrates she and home to just rested at 6 o'clock to before dawn sleep. She laughs say oneself also are laughing in sleep with joy! How to ask she treats bonus award? Xie Cuicui says: "I cannot have thought of, believe meeting and family are shared together! " because Xie Cuicui is before contest,ever was pointed to to cut eyelid, grand to be mixed nasally for a time give or take an injection thin face, with respect to emcee of the elder sister that connect harbor Li Keqin also alludes her face-lifting hearsay. Xie Cuicui is made immediately for this clear, she says: " I believe him is not this meaning, these a few months come, I transform really many, style of conversation also very calm, but I should emphasize me is not face-lifting harbor elder sister, I am thin only more than 10 pounds just, add me uptodate knowledge makes up, changed a butterfly! "She also discloses can contact other beautiful later beautiful people come out to get together old. Runner-up land rhyme is emerald green to the leaf emerald green face-lifting hearsay, she shows not justifiable meeting, during because she is in,be being participated, do not want to affect the mood and do not have advertent these reports, reason this does not wish to make a response to these hearsay. And Lin Li got Ji Jun, her speak bluntly has at long last to oneself and family explain. Carry off " most on lens young lady " Deng Shangwen expresses, overnight is returned after the home is medium, opened two champagne to celebrate with family namely.

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