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Chen Anzhi sees a movie learn successful series 7: " 007 " series: It is commerc
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The one on the world is successful, need to have a pattern; All person that succeed, it is duplicate ceaselessly in successful mode.
Play basketball like Jordan of Michael Er · , tiger · Woods plays golf, they from already the pose is same mostly, they just are in repeat this act.
" 007 " the film of series has had history of four years, pat in all have many 20. Why " 007 " series all the time so welcome? Be worth all operator thoughtful.

My individual feels " 007 " the pattern that series grasped a success: He studied the sense that needs most in complete mankind heart, for instance -- hero, belle, handsome young man, music, exciting, adventure, innovation and high-tech, so, come four years 20 film, although hero now and then did change, but its booking office still succeeds very.

" 007 " the system that built a success certainly, grasped a successful pattern, I feel this is " 007 " successful key. .

(Legend one: Music of heroic belle handsome young man stimulates adventurous innovation high-tech... always in person dream conceivable, be in " 007 " in you are attainable. Be in " 007 " in you are attainable..

" 007 " series movies has a lasting and changeless titles mode and music, formed longing to look " 007 " of this film " nerve catenary " .

(legend 2: Every new piece have new science and technology, new car, new weapon, new music, new belle... innovate in successful mode, be " 007 " successful assurance. )

Be in " 007 " in series, the car that much drives 007 times, the watch that wears, uses mobile phone, famous brand manufacturer people want ground of strive to be the first to contend for Fu Ju's big advertisement fee... " 007 " the film is more than the money that earned millions upon millions audience, still earned the advertisement money of the manufacturer.

What but have 007 only,wear " Buoni " business suit need not pay advertisement fee, offer Bond to wear only!
"Buoni " it is the suit of national treasure class that comes from Italy, crop is very few, in world each district 3 1000 U.S. dollors go to price big essentials left and right sides of 10 thousand U.S. dollor, biamani is even high-grade, 200 many countries have the whole world the president of 40 many countries is worn it.
007 why must wear this trademark? Because he is in a medium action is very much. The collar at the back of business suit often can become warped easily rise, and wear " Buoni " business suit makes a motion, collar won't become warped, poise from beginning to end.
Appoint even business suit want top class name tagvisiting card, " 007 " the success is clearly.

So, a person should succeed, he must excogitate a rule first, a kind of successful mode that can duplicate 40 years, and this rule and mode can be changed because of the world, can be aimed at a competitor and change, want to be able to beg innovation between competition, I feel this is to make " 007 " a when create booking office continuously very main reason.
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