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Xu Jinglei is " Wu Zetian " traffic accident of the experience in seeking temple
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As film " Gong Li's day " those who prepare is comprehensive start, director Xu Jinglei begins to head for reconnaissance of countrywide each district, seek the scene ground that suits film to film, and the birthplace Shanxi that her the first station is Wu Zetian. According to a paragraph of story in the play, the urgent affairs of the play staff is to find the Wu Zetian on the history to be in too ancestor the royal fane when classics of the Song after drawing shoot.

According to a local friend of the reporter newspaper stuff says, a 20 day evening are in Xu Jinglei to arrive from Great Harmony on the freeway of Taiyuan produce great traffic accident, a of the person of the same trade car that fasten a gram discards as useless completely, the 4 average per capita inside favour car do not have place to hinder greatly. Assistant of person of the same trade confirms to the reporter, xu Jinglei is in on change temporarily before high speed another car, had escaped this disaster.

Xu Jinglei tells a reporter, according to the need of the story, after Wu Zetian draws shoot at Tang Taizong, in royal fane temple of feeling course of study has experience of classics of a paragraph of Song, but the temple of feeling course of study on the history remains a monument only nowadays, then producer is in the throughout the country is a few otherer the cloister that the place finds similar of a few time again, head for Shanxi Great Harmony this to make an on-the-spot investigation China Yan Si is among them one of, serve as here visit the first station of scene, because Wu Zetian itself is Shanxi person,be.

Although China the need that Yan Si's whole builds a style to accord with film quite, but the play staff encounters an a Gordian knot, that cannot make the tube inside the temple namely, because be below the illuminate of strong light, can produce chemical reaction to be opposite thereby the cultural relic generation inside the temple is destroyed, and the other cloister building that next preparation inspects also is put in same question. Also do not have better idea temporarily to this cameraman, xu Jinglei expresses, if be placed finally,pat here, be in charge of a branch to talk things over with place again.

Besides should find " temple of feeling course of study " besides, " Gong Li's day " still will build in Beijing scene, in addition, without stannic Tang Cheng, the palace of the Qin Dynasty of Hengdian also is a play staff choose mothbally. It is reported, at present complete piece the budget is controlled in 45 million yuan, and the fee that is used at place situation is as high as 1/3.

■ accident

Transfer temporarily had escaped to rob

It is reported, this traffic accident happening arrives in Shanxi Great Harmony on the freeway of Taiyuan.

Xu Jinglei's assistant tells a reporter, the play staff personnel that travels together this still has the 4 people such as producer, photography, production, a section of a highway that does not have 30 kilometers was returned to distance Taiyuan in travel at 4 o'clock that day afternoon, place becomes flat suddenly along with the car fastening a gram that acts as a guide all right, bump stop in roadside, bodywork is close to complete attaint, what what I hope is the 4 people inside the car had fastened safety belt, did not appear great casualties.
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