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" grow greatly today " Li Zhiqi shows 2: Successful dream workshop: Because have
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All results, sow the seed below by everybody and arise, so, do not harm anyone easily, because of the opposite party that is hurt, can harm you conversely one day sooner or later! Everything has an opportunity to be about to help a person help a person more more, sooner or later one day your love can help you conversely!

Long today father is predict by celestial being: Life lieutenant general encounters 3 women, one not dead by homicide; After one is saved by him, die because of him; One will kill him and bring back to life is very much person...
Father feels scared, ask celestial being, how can you encounter the 3rd woman? Celestial being path replies, want you not to encounter the 2nd woman only.
The speech that celestial being contains a mystery greatly: Because encounter the result of the 2nd woman,encountering the 3rd woman is -- if father does not have mother of relieve a sick or injured person (the 2nd woman) have impossibly naturally today's long today (the 3rd woman) .
Same reason, father encounters a mother, because encounter the cause of the first woman,also be: After if father did not go,be being abandoned (the empress that is abandoned) give dead drug, also encounter be good at naturally without the opportunity today mother.
" grow greatly today " in the clue from fiction, spoke a real truth: All today's results, the behavior that parent goes at oneself.
Because father gives dead drug to empress, brought about him a series of miserable destiny, and a government official that goes together however because stab horses, fall intentionally, had escaped thereby one difficult. Father understands to should be not treated so after abandoning, but he still was done finally, although be the life that act according to emperor, he still should pay heavy price for his behavior, assume oneself responsibility.

Make much time, the wrong action that we like to be our looks for an excuse: "I am have to, I am to act under orders act, I cannot choose... " but the life won't comply with your differentiate solution, it is sure will treat you with frosty iron rule -- the behavior that is oneself assumes consequence and responsibility.
Father says: "The day " be like one magnify net, look very few and far between, but its whats won't leak below... the iron law that temporal has its oneself, all results have its reason, anything, anybody cannot escape.
All results with worldly every, sow the seed below by each person and arise, behavior brings about a result.
So, no matter stem from what reason, no matter have how many reason, do not harm anyone easily, organic meeting is about to help a person help a person more more, by the person that you help, perhaps can give you accident get one's own back. This cries " kind melon gets melon, kind the beans gets a beans. " this also is the Buddhist asks we written guarantee more 縁 of be apt to, a variety of be apt to because reason.
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