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Begin successfully from encourage annals " grow greatly today " Li Zhiqi shows 4
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A career that respects oneself is like godly and average person, just meet not plan at the moment gain and loss, not fear is current setback, systemic a person's mind has deep love for the job on the hand, believe everything what pay is worthiness.
Do the lady-in-waiting of board room, the position is very low, but grow to think to do oneself today prandial it is the most exalted, be worth to esteem and be had deep love for, grew to be made today so the most delicate prandial.
Long today competitor today flower say well: "We can be defeated to grow today, not be to be defeated to go up in our craft, be defeated to treat alimental sincerity and sincerity to go up in us however. Be defeated to treat alimental sincerity and sincerity to go up in us however..
The position of cure daughter is smaller than the position of lady-in-waiting, but grow to think medical skill is to be worth to esteem and be had deep love for oneself today, so, when lady-in-waiting people should grow to be massaged for them today, hold a foot, grow to did not think this is kind of low job today, and regard it as cure person this portion, complain to feel with disgrace without so, use oneself sincere desire and devoir, the greatest ability of the person that use up cure goes throwing, won the respect of everybody finally.

Again great person, also have a sentiment not beautiful, when the volition is flimsy.
Grow to be died today the person circumvent such as He Jinying of correct Cui Shang Gong, die an unnatural death of master Han Shang Gong, grow to reduce palace slave-girl today, be sent to match outlying area.
The length that the heart is full of animosity today, pledge should return palace to revenge afresh.
Want to return palace afresh now, only way learns medical skill namely, the choose that waits to be able to pass an imperial court takes an exam, make palace medical service female.
Grow then today to place " head cure daughter " assiduous study medical skill, wait to return the opportunity of palace.
At this moment, grew to be encountered today once was in " impose a small room more " the Zheng Zhubao that has helped oneself Yours Excellency, when Zheng Zhubao adult knows to grow is to revenge and learn medical skill today when, very be furious, want to grow to abandon medical skill today, he says: "A heart is full of animosity, of one mind wants revenging person, deserve to learn cure far from! Deserve to learn cure far from!!
Actually, zheng Zhubao Yours Excellency is not to object growing to be avenged today, object growing to use medical skill to avenge today however.
The Zheng Zhubao with brillant medical skill Yours Excellency, the person that serve as a real medical service, medical skill is sovereign to him, this kind of feeling, like treating religion just like all follower of a religion, he is absolutely flagrant medical skill deviates from it is due purpose, reduce vengeance method.
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