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Successful dream workshop: " grow greatly today " the enlightenment of encourage
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Annals of encourage of world Chinese success the first person -- Chen Anzhi says: "Successful need has good train! I did not understand in the past, took a lot of roundabout way, do obeisance to Anthony · Robin to be division later, just shortened greatly my successful distance. " (pick from " want you to succeed " )

Length of 8 years old today, rely on gritty psychokinesis, get over overnight penalty, be admitted to be apprentice by Han Shanggong eventually, follow learn hutch art.
The master lets grow the first thing that does today, let her carry a bowl of water namely. Long today cautious end comes to a bowl, but the master sees water, pay no attention to again long today, the thing that does oneself went.
Spent a lot of days so, whats did not instruct the master worker, just let her repeat the ground to carry water. Long today special ground is painful, very spellbound also, why should not clear master is opposite so she, because other young associate follow his master,learned a lot of craft.
Until one day, grew to because follow a mother,learn a knowledge more today: When rain heavily, want a bath food that cooks, the catastrophe of indescribable metamorphism inscribes the food in just can solving palace. Grew to win the good impression of the everybody in palace today temporarily, han Shanggong says surprizingly today to growing: "You have a very clever mother, know the boy or girl friend with different basis, and adopt boil differently feed a method. And adopt boil differently feed a method..
Long today suddenly be enlightened, before carrying water, begin to ask Han Shanggong: "Should be you drunk do coolly still drink heat? You today upset stomach? Have a bowel movement? " added a bit salt to give Han Shanggong in water next, speak oneself to add saline reason.
Master exultation: "You understood eventually! Because of to doing alimental person for, water is put in the bowl, it is a bowl of food, what should you understand the other side to pour a bottom to want? Demand what? Want the circumstance according to the other side and need, decide oneself action again, just can make true cate come so. Just can make true cate come so..
Village says, learn, want to learn the thing that he cannot learn namely; Work, want to do the thing that he cannot do namely; Argue, want dispute namely the content that he cannot argue. Seek to intellectual study, want to decide the goal in sealed state, the acme that achieves study so.
Should learn " the thing that cannot learn " , want to learn the thing that there is account on book namely, forefathers does not have the thing that hand down, worldly go up the thing that does not have final conclusion, the thing that the teacher cannot teach -- that is " creativity " .

Long today master Han Shang Gong and today flower master Cui Shang Gong, the way that two people teach a student is completely different:
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