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" grow greatly today " Li Zhiqi shows 3: Bask in γ to feed こ . Hang Ke is qual
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Of life brilliant, from establish " audacious " the target begins!
Person all joy and anguish, hold to with abandon, it is from a target, a decision begins.
6 years old, grow to cannot go to school today, because the mother is afraid of,reveal the identity. Can grow to yearn for literacy too today, aux would rather take a beating every day, also should steal study, maternal hand is hit soft, succumb today to little length eventually, must decide to teach a daughter learn to read personally.

Grow to mix today general child is different is: After because play mud,be being beaten up repeatedly by parents when a lot of children, the curiosity that abandons oneself. But grow to did not abandon today, long today final because hold to, won the victory of her life first time.

Long today before the mother should leave the world, sent a daughter a the greatest legacy again, the gift of an overflow -- she gives grew to uphold a goal today: "When empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of the most exalted official! "When empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of the most exalted official!!
Make 7 years old of length that leave funeral parents today, want to see Gong Li gives comer only, can say immediately: "I should be become lady-in-waiting! " until one day, beside the imperial big gentleman that grows to aided a person to help future today, she still did not forget to clutch the wish that recounts oneself: "I should be become lady-in-waiting! "I should be become lady-in-waiting!!

Eventually, because grow today hold to, she should go up lady-in-waiting, won life quadratic wins.
Grow to do anything today from now on can wholeheartedly, indomitable, any moment should remember a goal only, rise with respect to meeting adamancy... because she believes to if the mother says, be true: "No matter you go there, father mother can be beside you, so, you want subsist anyhow, cannot abandon easily more! " from now on the daughter ases if became " preterhuman " ...

Say so: "Holding to is a kind of habit, abandoning also is a kind of habit. " (king this world is comprehended)
Grow to because was used to as a child,should insist to be able to score a success only today, and formed a kind stage by stage " importunate disposition " .
Chen Anzhi of Great Master of successful encourage annals says: "The person that succeed is occupied only 3% , everyman is occupied 97% . " (pick from " become him drive " preterhuman " " talent law)
This is both between the biggest difference is -- former habit hold to, latter was used to abandon.
A lot of people, resemble growing today father is same, object empress of kill with poison for the first time, the result abandons -- still go kill with poison empress; The 2nd times the decision helps any wives no longer, the result abandons -- still went saving long today mom; Decide the 3rd times no longer show one's face in public, the result abandons -- still go public circumstance compares connecting with the boxing skill, the result is killed by officers and soldiers... this very very much like us person, classics regular meeting is like to oneself cannot the reason of changeover, follow the goal that can abandon oneself easily immediately.
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