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" grow greatly today " the enlightenment of encourage annals 7: Bask in γ to fe
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Person lifetime should experience countless temptation, let oneself do violate ethics, violate moral responsibility. Some people can hold to his ideal toughly, be thought temporarily goofy, final ability detects this ability is great wisdom; Some people do not carry the temptation that violates a principle, knew to bite deadly sweet bait to final ability. (pick from " Wang Yang is comprehended " )

Home Cui to consolidate oneself are in the position in palace, gave today flower a task that kills a person: Be in prandial, the child in abdomen of the empress or imperial concubine of the first rank after putting imprecatory emperor stealthily turns into the princess' charm.
Today flower after struggling through a few days of painful thoughts, succumbed eventually, she has received charm from inside hand of Cui Shang Gong, put it in stealthily prandial.

The person's lifetime, can do a lot of bad things, make a lot of mistakes, some can be excused, because still can be made up for; But some mistakes, it is unpardonable, because it cannot be made up for, because oneself crossed the bottom line that be an upright person.

Today flower abandoned oneself originally kind-hearted footing, accepted the job of caustic person, also changed what stand fast all the time to be an upright person from now on principle, begin the as closest as oneself, most valued friend is long today, part company, became enemy.
And in same time, grow to keep back today the confinement that starves a few days, hold to oneself the acceptance to the mother, touched a master deeply instead, be saved eventually.

All first time are crossed be an upright person the person of the bottom line, hold this kind of mind mostly: For a certain main purpose, do only! But she does not know " oneself crossed the bottom line that be an upright person " .
Crossed like the person " absolutely not drug taking " the first pace, be equal to abandoned oneself all life hold to, from the human dikes and dams that oneself shook at all on physiology, behavior nature was lost most the control of at least and tie, became a custom till evildoing, can no more turn round from now on, also did not turn round, go further more finally, until decline abyss.
A kind-hearted person becomes filthy, the ideal that right person becomes affectation, beautiful becomes terrible ambition, normal person becomes devil, it is from first time " cross a bottom line " begin.
We often can encounter in the life " the temptation of the devil " : "Betray, OK. " after who knows to go when this first time, often walked up not to put in a road 's charge.
" grow greatly today " the enlightenment of encourage annals:
1, world Chinese success is incentive the first person -- Chen Anzhi says: "The person's achievement won't exceed the glamour of other case and moral character forever.
The achievement of a person can have how old, the spirit that should see him only has many exalted, his target ideal has many ambitious, his thought has many broad... the merit that you can know to he did not come can have how old! " (pick from " leader force decides everything " )
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