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" grow greatly today " the enlightenment of encourage annals 8: Bask in γ to fe
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In the animal of lactation, the force of maternity can appear more doughty than any moment and strong, because she is met right now to protect little newborn baby, do not make the enemy adjacent, regular meeting erupts to howl earthshakingly, release than ever the force of big hundredfold, force adversary flinch -- this cries " maternity " . (pick from " Wang Yang is comprehended " )

Once had adopted to grow today heart is long uncle, because give the son of the emperor yuan child dedication crosses complete duck boiling water, appeared however toxic phenomenon, long treat do not heal, was infiltrated jail.
Long today to rescue foster father, determination is found out yuan child the truth with toxic adult.
Look in all people, this is impossible job almost, because no matter prandial the empress or imperial concubine of the first rank between, still be the drive cure of palace, be at a loss what to do to this, a just society does prandial lady-in-waiting, how capable to investigate the fact of accident affection?
Long today to rescue foster father, recalled the work that others does not have the courage to think, did the thing that others dare not do, tried never a decoction of medicinal ingredients that the person has tried. To achieve the goal that helps a person, not hesitate with body prelibation, will impossible finally emergency became a possibility, found out yuan child toxic real reason.
Growing to try hard indefatigably to fall today, the life of foster father was saved, grew to be written down by palace again today at the same time one great merit.

World Chinese learns drive successfully the first person -- Chen Anzhi says: "The person wants telesis really, scarcely should forget human nature to have two great power: The first, pursuit is happy; The 2nd, it is painful to escape. " (pick from " with your product Tan Lian loves " )

Long today very clear, foster father died, oneself can have much anguish! The issue that made palace drive cure cannot accomplish at all so -- him personally eats again: The complete duck boiling water that has had when prince is toxic...

Have a statistic, in the whole world in super moneybags, the father of the billionaire that has 30% dies early, or follow single close mother.
A list of names posted up of global plute rank is judged for " global Chinese head rich " Li Jiacheng, the father when 14 years old dies, age of younger brother and sister is small still, the mother is effeminate housewife, he has discontinue one's studying only, ability finds a profession, ability gain money, also have gain only money, ability feeds his mother and younger brother and sister.
Once had the sense of responsibility of love, the person can lay a boundless force, the end that means implementation forward tries hard, even if want to experience setback, anguish and cross, but think of to want a responsibility, the person can become fearless.
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