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Successful dream workshop: " grow greatly today " the enlightenment of encourage
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Benevolence person, everything can from " kindheartedness " the thing that the respect goes to understanding a lot, no matter encounter what difficulty, can go with the behavior of be apt to the resentment of redound others, with the state of mind of be apt to, with the thought of be apt to, will regard processing as the highest principle of incident. He may eat to have a deficit at the moment temporarily accordingly, but he can be become finally the biggest win the home, because the person's heart is the flesh is long, the eye of masses is bright.

Grow to be able to attend strict prandial exam eventually today, what the exam passes will be rising the lady-in-waiting that is higher level -- " wife " , did not pass will be fallen into disuse to give palace. It is when this is crucial, oneself use a contest to did the flour of the steamed bread to be stolen by small lady-in-waiting. The small lady-in-waiting that faces a hope to do soup of a bowl of steamed bread to bid farewell to the mother with one's own hands, grew to abandon recovering the original intention of flour today, help small lady-in-waiting one case, the mother that is her prepared a bowl of extremely precious steamed bread soup meticulously.
This is one kind " benevolence heart " -- also be can should be had by the leader of everybody follow " beneficent heart " .
The Mencius says: "The heart that the person all has compassion " (the heart that the person has commiserative pain) , otherwise the world will become raw or cold food and terrible, brutal and merciless, the world will become hell.
In our job, a lot of things must want to say a principle, ability compose builds reasonable and effective system, establish rule, build order.
A person that does not have a principle is the person of not able important matter, an enterprise that does not have a principle cannot become a great company for certain.
But, tell only " principle " , and not " benevolence heart " the person can become marble, only " principle " and not " benevolence heart " enterprise, final meeting loses popular feeling, lose epigone.
IBM president Tom Watson, see oneself an employee is late and be on the meeting downhearted, ask ability knows employee wife to gave birth to the child that day. He praises immediately: "You still are willing to attend a meeting today study, really outstanding! " take employee to sit immediately oneself private plane, the delivery room that flies to a hospital...
Annals of encourage of world Chinese success the first person -- Chen Anzhi says: "World head is rich special understanding -- management wants strict, but the strongest government, want to use sincerity, want to use love. " (pick from " how to become a profitable president " )

Grow to be able to hold to a principle today, but more meeting flexible.
Grow to cannot bear today the flour that the heart recaptures give presents to use in lady-in-waiting hand as a child, use " impose a small room more " gotten Chinese cabbage, plain melon replaces flour, made the steamed bread of the everybody surprise with distinctive local color unexpectedly, this is her again a kind of flexible when dying.
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