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" Martha is handsome 3 " switched on the mobile phone on October 2 Zhao Benshan
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Yesterday, " Martha is handsome 3 " personnel performing duty is assembled in former, it is what was about to switch on the mobile phone on October 2 " Martha is handsome 3 " making final preparation.

"Yu Fen " not earth

" Martha is handsome 1 " play talks with Zhao Benshan instantly after Wang Yajie of the person that act arrived at a play staff yesterday, in new theatrical work, "Yu Fen " change is the biggest, and of Wang Yajie " regression " the central issue that also became audience attention naturally.

Zhao Benshan expressed very big hope to this Yu Fen, "Elegant Jie this child is very good, appearance is green beautiful beautiful model, but she nots hesitate however destroy form, act in a play seriously, dependably, so " Martha is handsome 1 " the effect after broadcasting is unusual good. The Yu Fen that actually elegant Jie acts is already confirmed, pat " Martha is handsome 2 " when, her as it happens has other show. As a result of our proletarian feeling, so she turned several play, to perform Yu Fen again. If we want hype, can look for a person completely to perform Yu Fen again. This Yu Fen also has change, not so earth, had wanted to auspicious day with Martha commander in chief. Had wanted to auspicious day with Martha commander in chief..

The character increased

Zhao Benshan pats the characteristic with the biggest play is change fast. " Martha is handsome 2 " before switching on the mobile phone, join suddenly halcyon this character, everything comes too abruptly, also anxious became bad playwrite, pat play to revise play at the same time at the same time, add drama.

This playwrite white iron army-invincible army expresses, "Play we begin to prepare from the beginning of the year, so long, figure relationship also is worth deliberate very much. And this " Martha is handsome 3 " rolled out content of at least 5 new personality, after joining new blood, although we dare not say to surmount, but the hope can reach peak peak. But the hope can reach peak peak..

About new affiliation person, can you resemble " is Martha handsome 2 " a few star to invite to aid euqally blast? Very affirmative ground says Zhao Benshan: "Why should use star? Basically be new personality completely, also have an old person, but also not be star, however on the age old just. " as we have learned, act on " fat water does not shed alien cropland " principle, new personality is the student of this hill art institute more very.

Switch on the mobile phone decided

" Martha is handsome 1 " it is Shuai Congnong village goes to Martha city, " Martha is handsome 2 " it is Martha the school runs in Shuai Zaicheng, and " Martha is handsome 3 " in, martha commander in chief will return a country finally again.

These days, the actor is planning his show. Production branch is being chosen scene, each scene is this him hill chooses personally, this hill thinks, scene choosing is good, the actor enters state more easily, "The character's condition is one kind goes forward one by one, main also on the clue with the adversary of Martha commander in chief and Fan Debiao play is given priority to, little a lot of branch line. They two people realize finally, rural person cannot solve rural problem originally into sections of a city close to the city wall, so, they return a country again. They return a country again..
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