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Farther normative and dialectal teleplay just mirrors wide report total bureau e
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On October 8, wide report total bureau was released " the announcement that uses controlled language about reiterating teleplay further " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) in express, the language of teleplay should be given priority to with mandarin, must not use square make peace usually not standard mandarin. And be in Shanghai, " old uncle " , " happy apartment " and " black tea lane " it is transcribe of above sea word is mixed broadcast, whether can they get " announcement " the influence gets attention fully, the reporter undertook interviewing at this point.

" announcement " in express, the language of teleplay (local opera piece except) should give priority to with mandarin, do not get use dialect and nonstandard mandarin usually; Great revolution and teleplay of historical subject matter, little subject matter teleplay and telefilm of propagandist education special subject uniform should use mandarin; The language of the leader figure that appears in teleplay also should use mandarin.

To this, person of outstanding talent of Teng of literary channel chief inspector inspects to tell a reporter east: "I can tell you for certain, " old uncle " , " happy apartment " and " black tea lane " won't be affected, because they do not belong to teleplay category, it is TV column only just. Teleplay is cast pat, broadcast the licence related need, film card, we do not need these things, this announcement and we are so irrespective. This announcement and we are so irrespective..

And " black tea lane " producer Liang Dingdong also expresses: "Drama of very difficult really affirmatory scene should belong to which category, when participating in appraise through comparison, we are to be put in short kind. This informs I had not seen, nevertheless I think, we should not be affected. Of course, the normative in teleplay, use that advocates mandarin is very necessary, but dialect has its place distinguishing feature, citing says, beijing word is close to mandarin most, but foreigner of many Beijing local dialect is understood not, if,do not pass slam the door these things, produce laugh result very inaccessible. Want to know, a of scene drama main element is ' comedic ' , cannot do laughed, how is the program still done? Our program once sold 40 collect to arrive Taiwan, the scene drama that their purpose is our Shanghai regards as the teaching material that learns Shanghai word, what this shows dialectal theatrical work or its exist is necessary with the advantage, also have many audience and bigger advertisement market. My view is, we should spread word of Shanghai of mandarin, inheritance. We should spread word of Shanghai of mandarin, inheritance..

Nevertheless, in if scene drama also is delimited,speak of teleplay category, that still can continue with mandarin when program, what Liang Dingdong expressed him is anxious: "If be really such, then we should be carried out for certain. But it is more difficult to will should continue to do with mandarin, because of scene drama local too strong. Because of scene drama local too strong..
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