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Exceed female He Jie to be forced reduce weight every day a many month did not h
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Exceed the performance that female Chongqing stands to attend, he Jie flew to hill city from Changsha yesterday. She is to come for the first time Chongqing, she says is ashamed really, although home town Guizhou and Chongqing border, but had not visited to hill city in the past. But she all the time very expect Chongqing chaffy dish, even if put again floriferous any of several hot spice plants, she also " hemp is not afraid of " ! "Clean darling " look thin, she tells a reporter secretly however, she is being forced by the company now reduce weight, "I had had a many month to did not have rice, I also know I am thin, but the company says to still be no good, continue to decrease even. Do not pass, I see rice also does not want to eat now, had been used to. " the reporter expresses her to should reduce weight to Ji Minjia ask for advice secret book, he Jie wants to say: "She basically is to rely on those who decrease to play tennis, ran machine should walk before nevertheless I sleep in the evening everyday now, practiced half hour left and right sides giving a suit sweat to just sleep. Although very tired, but I sleep very spicily now, again also won't insomnia, so not dazed also by day head went up. So not dazed also by day head went up..

See He Jie laughs at the lovely look that gets an eye narrow one's eyes to be seamed into again, the reporter tells her to be done not have really necessary reduce weight, because she has a place now " the baby is fat " appearance ability is the shrewdest. Hear " the baby is fat " a few words, he Jie feign holds the grouchy twitch one's mouth that be like the ground, the reporter explains instantly say, actually a few filmgoer think Song Hui tall and Liu Yifei have a place " the baby is fat " , but this ability is characteristic, it is a face model fruitier, actually very beautiful also. Besides also more accord with " clean darling " nickname! He Jie nods, want incorrect make fun of a treasure to come again: "Not, because I am lovely,darling calling clean is, how to listen to them to call Liu Yifei ' phenanthrene darling ' ? How to listen to them to call Liu Yifei ' phenanthrene darling ' ??