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Include -- ability greatens become strong
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World Chinese learns the first person successfully -- Chen Anzhi says: "A leader strength is the most fundamental idiosyncratic namely ' have a love ' . One has the person of love, he is known how to show loving care for others. " (pick from " leader force decides everything " )

Grow to be today make a thorough investigation of Huang Zizhong's poisonous truth, try drug with the body, lose taste because of this unfortunately.
In this the moment of truth, long today the hutch that master Han Shang Gong wants to undertake deciding a destiny with Cui Shang Gong art contest, han Shanggong chose none hesitantly still to grow today, become oneself assistant.
Long today painful extremely, she special the master that fears to lose taste because of oneself and endanger oneself, she wants to abandon very much.
But Han Shanggong did not abandon, she thinks all sorts of methods to let grow to build confidence afresh today, personally belt length searchs cure to see a doctor everywhere today, the hope can restore to grow today taste.
Meanwhile, cui Shang Gong also knows to grew to lose taste today, to pull out this eyesore, keep searching long today wrong, ten million 100 plan want to drive her to give palace.

It is together long today elder, han Shanggong and Cui Shang Gong made completely different choice.
Han Shanggong stems from consideration, stem from kindheartedness, stem from pair of talents cherish, included long today fatal flaw, cure hard long today the pain in the heart.
And Cui Shang Gong stems from expedience, stem from jealousy, stem from ambition, search long today blemish, add the blow of life of as a result, keep growing salt is spilled on interior cut today.

Difference was pulled open so namely between person and person.
Confucius says: "Benevolence person sweetheart " -- the purpose that loves others, not be other, should make oneself are become namely true " benevolence person " .
Because everybody is faulty, have his inadequacy. Those no matter who is the object, no matter stem from what kind of reason, have the person of the heart of clement kindheartedness, just become a leader possibly, become " VIP " , because people wants,follow he.
Neither one person can be willing to follow one does not know him appreciation, can be blamed all the day only and blame oneself person.

Han Shanggong included long today, the length that lets lose taste becomes his assistant today. Result, grow to be behaved outstandingly today just about, make be won by what the Han Shanggong of person circumvent won the contest, also let Han Shanggong win the most precious friendly feelings in lifetime, make she from anguish self-condemned in freed oneself to come out.
Cui Shang Gong keeps injuring long today, entrap long today, accomplished instead long today, make her more crackajack. Contrary, cui him Shang Gong however because of jealousy, and jump over defect deeper, get lose all reputation finally, die an unnatural death.
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