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Common heart -- let oneself live more happily
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"Clever person can discover new opportunity immediately, but why is his outstanding achievement often inferior to the surface pure fatheaded even person? Because want to make a career one time,that is, clever think of a way is temporary only. Can defend a success, the person of continual success, often be those can the person that the state of mind with common hold goes to working, only such ability march toward a success persistent and continual ground, calm ground, toughly step by step. " (pick from " Wang Yang is comprehended " )

To contend for the position of empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of the most exalted palace, long today the master worker that He Jinying helps him hammer and tongs severally, the match is boiled make delicious soup.
The result grew to be defeated today today flower, play away the match of one bureau key.
The intelligence of animals that grows to make food today and ability are not defeated today flower, but in returning main competition than him life in, how can she be defeated?
Grow to want to win this contest too really today, to can seek best bovine bone, she runs to very far place, because this delayed a day of much time. Want to boil superior bovine bone boiling water, need 3 evening 3 days at least, of bone of ability purify ox fat with fishy smell. Grew to be thought up today use rice paper to come purify is fat, add precious medicinal material to come the method of take out fishy smell.
The result was defeated however.
Because, the tenet that grew to violate examination questions today -- " make common people also can do the boiling water that reach " .
The master says today to growing: "It is your intelligence an wisdom, became your bane, so you should fail. So you should fail..

Actually, true bane is not long today intelligence an wisdom, grow to wanted to win the contest and cause the state of mind of eager for quick success and instant benefit too today however, lost thereby " common heart " , violated those who work is essential.

One has the person of intelligence an wisdom, should score the success on the career more easily than others, but, the person with superior ability and wisdom, often the thought is more complex, the desire in the heart and ambition are keener than average person also, accordingly he compares Everyman more maintain not easily " common heart " . They often are mixed because of their too too complex thought, strong desire ambition, and lost oneself, forgot those who work is essential, this moment, intelligence an wisdom can become a kind of obstacle, a kind of bane.
So we often say " clever instead by clever by accident " , a lot of people that lose very miserably, often be those people that have crackajack intelligence an wisdom. Be drowned by water, it is the person that can swim mostly.
So, maintain " common heart " , those who insist to work is essential, should resemble purely even goofy and same, continuously dedicated at this thing itself, and be not affected by other element place, by other purpose and libidinal place interference, ability makes great career one time.
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